5 Strange Facts About Love Hate Relationship

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There’s a thin line between love and hate, oftentimes love in a relationship so much love that the love can sometimes turn to anger a resentment when your partner doesn’t contribute to the relationship, 5 Strange Facts About Love Hate Relationship

What is a Love Hate Relationship

Love and hate relationship know as push and pull relationship that indicates you need help. When you met him he seemed confident, charming, and challenging therefore really intriguing but now he just seems like a jerk or when you met her she seemed mysterious, delightfully, unpredictable and she kept you guessing in an intriguing way but now she seems like an alien this love-hate relationship seem funny even romantic.

We feel that it was more their fault, we can assume responsibility for parts of what went wrong in a relationship but we’ll attribute the blame for the majority of what we wronged the relationship to partner in this sense we kind of feel justified in doing whatever wrong that we’ve done.

All the great amazing love we have for each other gets lost among this attribution of blame and responsibility until there’s nothing left in a relationship except for bitterness and resentment.

5 Strange Facts About love-hate relationship

The concept that everything has to be two-way, has to be equal has to be fair it’s not the definition of a healthy relationship.

Advice — love isn’t fair and it definitely isn’t measurable.

What we want it is that we have set up conditions of what makes a good relationship, the conditions usually center around what we get back in return, it can be incredibly difficult to have unconditional love for a person whom we think isn’t fulfilling his or her role as a partner.

Love Hate Relationships

Ask yourselves, if the next relationship we will have will be any different or the next because if we keep having the same problems in all our relationships then perhaps with our own expectations and lack of self-awareness that’s letting us down.

1) They will not allow you to be right in any situation unless they really want something from you at the moment, the way their minds work is that if they allowed you to be right that would automatically make them wrong that’s not going to happen.

So even in the smallest detail or a fact they will sort of at a minimum discount your opinion, your view or the remotest possibility that you could be right and they have to have the last word.

Advice — love is never linear, our feeling for someone will continue to evolve and be different over time, it is up to us to decide if we want to work on love to leave.

Love/Hate Relationship

2) Find yourself or guessing yourself, all the time you’ll be questioning your sanity just trying to solve daily issues with your partner and it’s important to know that because of their early life situations and maybe yours to it’s not your partner won’t play nicely with you, he or she can’t and you can’t make him or her play nicely either.

Remember, they have no real interest in stopping the conflicts you have, in fact, they seem bound and determined to keep them going. You’re right these people thrive on conflict, they create conflict and they want to keep things in a state of chaos.

3) Make your question, if you can trust them you want to trust people that’s the best way to be in a relationship but they make you question. If you trust them, you want to believe you’re safe with them but all too often you find there are cracks in the foundation and you really question whether your trust is misplaced.

They go so far as to make you feel like a bad person for not trusting them but you know you can’t.

Note — Communication with them is vague at best you can’t seem to ever permanently pin them down to something. Everything is always in flux decisions you think you made together but all of a sudden get changed, negated, or twisted that leaves you twisting in the wind.

4) Loving and Hating Someone at the Same Time, They won’t let you get close to them emotionally as soon as you get too close to their definition, they do something to break the connection yet strangely they’ll tell you you’re the one who is emotionally distant that sounds familiar to you.

Note — They make feel unsafe to talk about difficult issues and to disclose any vulnerabilities, people in committed relationships rightfully expect to get closer and closer to their partners but people with high jackal traits they’re frightened of closeness. All the time they express they don’t get enough of it.

Advice — Go figure they’re shoving you away while they’re making you wrong for going.

When Love Turns to Hatred

=> They blame you for everything, it’s always your fault, no matter what the situation, it will always come down to being your fault it is never their fault and if by chance you’re not the one blamed then it will be whether the family or the office.

=> A love hate relationship, avoid problem-solving conversations after a while because everything ends up being your fault so you finally give up and way too often. Most people who have been with a high Jekyll whether your ex or your current partner you not only give up, you give in because it’s exhausting trying to be rational with them.

5) They act on assumptions and presumptions about your ideas, feelings, motives, and your needs. They don’t ask you directly this is most disconcerting because they honestly believe, they need to believe that they know you better than sooner.

Hating Someone you Love

=> They will refuse and are likely incapable of self-reflection so they don’t engage, don’t think about their behaviors because that would demand too much of them and they don’t want to know there’s any possibility that they’re not right, so when you’re so busy making assumptions about your partner and knowing that your partner is always wrong why to bother being introspective or self-reflective.

When your partner has these traits you will either argue a lot or one of you will shut down.

Advice — If you love your partner and you want the relationship to work you’ll need some expert help to shift your thinking to move away from blame and establish some new patterns.

Special Advice — We can only have a healthy relationship when it’s not about checks when we have the mindset that is in a relationship with a person it’s a benefit in itself.

These 5 Strange Facts About Love Hate Relationship have clear your doubt about love-hate relationships. Have you ever saw these love hate relationship in your life share your experience at Games in love.



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