I was sitting for my everyday writing and all of a sudden my previous day’s ideas strike into my mind that it’s been almost 8 years since I started dating, how quickly time passed away now that realization in itself probably very interesting at Games in love. How dating has impacted my life, probably it must play a key role in your lives as well with different friends.

The remembrance of interesting dating days. Oh those days, I love to tell the story.

What is interesting is that upon realizing, I took some time to reflect on the time that’s passed in crazy little thing called love. This brings me a lot of clarity.

In short, I realized the role that dating has played, so much that I don’t even really know who I would be had, it so impacts fully really.

Those experiences make me aware of real-life situations if I would compare currently because those lessons have not only been valuable in dating but in all areas of my life.

Life is nothing without experiences if you not have tried this dating experience inside games in love so I advise you to try once, it’s a lovable and interesting episode of our life.

What dating taught me??

It’s taught me about,

1) Understanding & Acceptance

2) Listening & Change

3) Vulnerability & Honesty

4) Communication & Commitment

5) Trust Intuition and Finally,

6) Priorities and Letting Go

That’s a pretty long list of some important things for you to get familiar once you fall into the same situation of dating, so when I first started dating it was pretty superficial.

1) Understanding & Acceptance — These are two different states you accept boy/girl without understanding, with whom you start dating not even knowing him/her fully, initially in dating calculator we might get confused coz at teenage we don’t have or apply our sense of humor.

I like you …you like me?? there was a butterfly situation going on. So let’s be together that sort of thing. It’s so childish, we don’t even bother so much, such an innocent expression.

2) listening & Change — A good listening is a key to a successful relationship and it can bring a lot of change into the relationship as time goes away you may realize but some persons realize at initially dating but fewer after that.

There wasn’t exactly a bigger picture although at the time you think that’s not to say, that young love isn’t real. You know it may be very well but it’s more of a rapid-fire rather than a slow burn which, when you grow older you realize is not a good thing because a rapid-fire can quickly get out of control which results in everything will end in ashes as a teen.

3) Vulnerability & Honesty — It’s a good sign of a supportive relationship, which means starting a relationship with pure honesty.

That might sound exciting but as the years pass by, you realize that it’s not you. Then you start to realize there is more to a relationship than love, no matter what the movies may tell you to love is not enough, love does not automatically translate into compatibility, in fact, some people may feel love very deeply yet lack every ounce of compatibility.

4) Communication & Commitment — later on, realize this dating thought, how important it is for connections. Must say without good communication as well as commitment no relationship functions can run inside games in love.

It’s the whole as long as we love each other it’ll all work out well no, “Probably not in fact” I believe that’s a toxic mindset, quite frankly it’s pretty terrible advice.

That’s the reason some people in hollow relationships. we use it to excuse inexcusable behavior that is, by the way, another thing that I learned, “how easy it is to fall into the habit of excusing someone’s bad behavior.”

5) Trust Intuition — Always trust your gut, it plays often a great role in connection, initially in dating it introduce you from multiple aspects of truth.

Moreover, to ignore relationship red flags, it’s not always out of love sometimes it’s because we don’t want to face the truth,

It reminds me of A well-said quotation ByGavin De Becker,

“Intuition is always right in at least two important ways;
It is always in response to something.
it always has your best interest at heart”

Always trust your intuition, we all being scared to admit the truth, sometime we may run from it, but in the end, we all have to face it somehow. Truth can be hard to say but it’s actually a pure feeling’s, trust me.

I’ve realized that it’s the only option if you struggle to know the truth, let your intuition guide you.

Getting out of emotional denial is one thing but actually dealing with that truth is a whole other thing inside games in love. So let’s say you come to the conclusion that your relationship is not going to work out, then you should get out of there so it’s all crystal clear to you.

6) Priorities and letting go — Mark your priorities or superiority in dating it doesn’t mean that you are selfish. It means that you are making your way to figure out how much time & energy you are devoting. Always make you capable of let go of things to secure yourself. In dating its a must.

Sometimes ending things can be fairly easy, other times it can seem almost impossible, now there can be a million reasons for why a person doesn’t leave a doomed relationship but one of the common reasons for staying is out of fear of being alone, oftentimes that fear exists because we’ve let ourselves get lost in someone else’s world instead of focusing on having our own, where we have made that person our whole life instead of a part of our love life.

See I don’t believe in the whole becoming one with your significant other but rather I believe in a mutual partnership, so making someone else your everything is not romantic. It’s just unhealthy for everyone involved because you will be depending on someone else for your fulfillment and happiness.

Saying that someone else is your everything is pretty much saying that you and your life in itself is nothing.

We’ve all heard that you have to behold on your own first although it might sound cliche it’s true. You need to be your own person, so what does that mean to me, it kind of goes hand-in-hand with independence, in other words, you are capable of,

“Thinking, Acting, and Feeling”

Without relying too much on someone else now does not mean that you don’t seek out advice or help from others, not at all,

I encourage that I also do the same, for advice I approach people often but you shouldn’t live through someone else, it’s also about having your “own interests, hobbies and your own dreams”.

Now, these are just some of my reflections based on my dating experience at games in love, which might help you somewhere coz sometimes sharing a story might help somebody. Based on real experience it may give you various ways to deal with your dating relationships.

How dating played an important role in your lives just share your real experience to us, it might help others. For any advice do reach us @ gamesinlove.com



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