8 Simple Rules Avoid Argue In Relationship Chart

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5 min readJul 10, 2020

In today’s article we’re going to discuss the 8 Simple Rules Avoid Argue In Relationship Chart that converts your fighting into fair fighting within Games in love.

Have you heard the relationship or love connection where the fight is prohibited or no argue happened or saw a relationship chart without quarrel and challenge? If no, then I must say those are not a pure love connection, coz for a healthy relationship a little bit bicker is also important to balance the relationship.

Don’t mark my words in the wrong way, I m not saying all the time but where it is necessary.

Disagreements and quarrels are a normal part of any family relationships, it’s how a couple argues. Importantly, a bad argue can turn a little problem into a big one a disagreement/dispute that seems,

=> Silly
=> Unimportant
Moreover, can become

=> Emotionally charged
=> Hurtful
So better to make our heated argument into sweet & sour reasoning to avoid the misunderstanding in the relationship love stage.

“Relationship including fights, Jealousy, Arguments, Faith, Tears, Disagreements but A Real Relationship fights Though All That With Love”.
By- Kushandwizoom

Here the briefly explained extreme rules to avoid a large number of heated arguments. Where we are not stopping you from argue but we’ll provide you the various ways to avoid the major damage or not to cross the line. You can say argue smartly without harming your relationship status.

What’s crossing the line in an argue?
Let me clear you “Crossing the line or boundaries” varies from relation to relation as it can happen on any of the topics which your life partner doesn’t like. It can be your

a) Social activity
b) Talking excessively on call
c) Sharing personal
stuff etc
d) Flirting nature
or can be anything.

8 Simple Rules

1) Consultation
Always try to discuss one issue at a time, some couples have the tendency of unpacking their whole history during argue by the end, they will make a bunch of complaints at the same time which heat the conversation, that doesn’t require. Later on, they realize that it’s all useless not really good stuff then they ask themselves why are we even talking about this, how did we get here by discussing too many issues at once the original problem gets concealed, the results are,

“Nothing Gets Solved”, mind it.

This doesn’t mean that multiple issues can’t be important but it’s just we can only focus our full attention on one at a time so that the conversation does not rise above. Thus this is one of the golden rules which heals your heated conversation into peace.

2) Shameful Comments
This one’s pretty self-explanatory, Shameful Speech is never up to the mark, which means you are not giving self-respect to your partner. So whenever there’s an argument happen to, discuss with your partner by avoiding the shameful language coz it raises up the conversation highly, so just discuss the issue, not the partner. It’s one of the golden rules to cool the difference of opinion at games in love.

3) Expressive Emotion
Express your feelings using words, moreover take responsibility for your feelings if you aren’t sure how to express yourself. Try using this sentence I feel blank, the first blank should be an emotion word like,

a) Annoyance Distress — The second blank should be a specific problem, for example, I got tensed when you didn’t answer my call, expressing your emotions with full of empathy so that your partner is more likely to sympathize with you to understand your point of view. Must try this golden rule.

Moving on to another one…

4) Speechmaking
This one rule is a lot more challenging than it sounds when you’re in a serious discussion you really want to be heard, it can be tempting to sit there, always think first before speaking. This usually leads to one person dominating the conversation if you’re having trouble following this rule,

=>Try setting a timer allowing each person one minute to speak

When the speaker finishes, the listener should briefly summarize what they said before taking their own minute to keep taking turns in this way until it’s no longer necessary.

5) No Rebuff
No rebuff means no stonewalling, it used when someone refuses to engage in the discussion. Usually, someone will do this when they feel anxious about a conversation or they withdraw from the interaction. They’d rather avoid it this isn’t usually intended to hurt the other person. It’s more like a protection process however when someone rebuff’s the problem goes unresolved.

6) Avoid Shouting
It refers to no yelling rule when you and your partner are involved in any type of argue try not to yell during the conversation,

=> As it raises the discussion bar,
=> By yelling in between the fight problems goes unresolved.

Try catching yourself while your voice is starting to rise rather than waiting until you’re shouting.

7) Pause Rule
During the argue, if you find that things are just getting too heated take a timeout and spend 10 minutes alone,

a) Take a Deep Breath
b) Do something relaxing, to calm down

Collect your thoughts, it will reduce your stress which fresh n up your mind. When the time is up come right back to the discussion, anyone can call a timeout at any time just be careful that timeouts aren’t being used as a form of rebuff or stonewalling. Their goal is to take 10 minutes so that things can calm down a bit then come right back to the conversation.

8) Settlement
Try to reach a settlement or compromise, there isn’t always going to be a perfect resolution to every problem it’s up to you to know what you’re willing to compromise on and what you’re not, just know if you’re not willing to compromise on anything a lot of your problems are going to go unresolved. So think wisely were to settle the argue.

Adding these 8 Simple Rules In your relationship fights become less awkward or hurt less and more to feasible or manageable inside games in love.

I hope you like these 8 Simple Rules Avoid Argue In Relationship Chart to balance your beautiful love, wonderful life try to share those who need it more than you.



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