Stop feeling emotionally hurt so when we get rejected seems almost obvious. There’s something that occurs in between the rejection and the feeling of thoughts, How to restore my heart is broken.

Thoughts about rejection, so when we get rejected or somebody breaks up with us we begin to think two things.

Some of you might not be aware of what we’re thinking?

1) First, we guess why they broke up with and then,

2) We decide unconsciously that they must be right.

In other words, we make an assumption about what they think then we conclude their assumption must…

Healing the avoidant attachment style and fears of intimacy, this multi-layered and somewhat complicated, How To Restore Intimacy Disorder.

What intimacy is, intimacy means to hear and feel into personal reality this means any relationship, anything potentially and hopefully is intimate if your intention is to have a close and deep connection with other people.

You can have an intimate relationship with your pets, children, spouse, and your parents. All of these are different types of relationships that are gonna fill different needs for you.

A lot of people tend to think that intimacy means sex and sex is really…

A lot of people churning over with overthinking, you can actually get relief and take the relationship to next level by trying these 10 tips for how to stop overthinking in a relationship.

How to stop overthinking in a relationship

1) Do Apologize, if you’ve done something wrong and you have not apologized maybe you need to apologize however a lot of the times it will be irrational you have apologized or that person just hasn’t gotten back to you yet so it’s completely irrational.

Note — If your intuition is telling you something out of logic rather than being overly emotional then maybe you do need…

A one-sided open relationship can be really really frustrating for the person who sees from the outside what’s going on but if you handle it correctly it seems enjoyable as well. One-sided open relationships are really healthy and natural, 8 Tips For One Sided Open Relationship.

One sided open relationship

Tips to make a successful happy one-sided open relationship or one sided open relationship rules.

1) Be frank, if it’s hip it’s important to note that everybody’s definition of a one-sided open relationship is different so the first tip if you decide to pursue a one-sided open relationship, is to establish some sort of…

There’s a thin line between love and hate, How to handle every twin flame separation challenge with ease using these tips.

A twin flame connection is known as one of the most tumultuous types of relationships because everything that you don’t like much about yourself is on a subconscious level.

Twin flames separation stage

Why is twin soul separation a part of the necessary, this has to do with soul growth because the soul demands growth, the soul demands spiritual evolution and evolvement so that the original mission chosen before incarnation can be accomplished.

Note — When one twin has awakened then that creates…

Steps that work through where should I contact if I want partner for love and relationships?

Meeting the right person

Contact through Dating apps,

Dating apps like tinder, hinge, OkCupid, and many more, for singles, when you go on you have a newsfeed and you can answer all questions like, do you want to be with me

They give you a lot of information about themselves and you can really get to know their personality without even matching with them.

a) Tinder dating app everyone knows how it works, it started out really great as a kind of new social network like people meeting…

This is something that we kind of go back and forth on movies that have been made about it hopeless. Who should say I love you first.

Romantics, popular culture, and conventional wisdom says whoever feels that first must say it whether it’s girls saying I love you or boyfriend said I love you

Who says I love you first, It’s important that the man leads the emotional space of the relationship, men are the emotional gatekeepers of the relationship, and women are the sexual gatekeepers of the relationship.

This is all to do with masculine and feminine so it…

There are a variety of variables that make a couple more likely to get divorced. Some of the big ones include age, lack of contact, and income why is the divorce rate so high for pilots.

Do pilots have high divorce rate

The day that you dreamed of is finally here. You’re putting on your brand new uniform and you’re going to grab your suitcase. You’re hugging your wife and kids and going to the airport for your first flight.

You’re so happy to be part of the team that the five legs of day one go around easily.

At that night’s dinner, the Captain laughs…

Flirting at work is fun, How to flirt at work. An office is a place that most people spend more than 75% of their lives so why not liven up that face by adding some flirting into the mix.

How to flirt with a coworker

1) Bring brightness to their day, be light — Be a light work by nature it’s often not the happiest place to be, it can be stressful, it can be overwhelming but when it comes to the guy you want to be close to, you should always be bringing brightness to his day.

This means you stop by every once in…

A lot of women or men don’t know when is it time to leave a relationship.

Relationships are so tricky and they pose the greatest challenge.

Signs it’s time to move on

1) Unnecessary happening, when things continue to happen we often think to ourselves if he does or she does I’m done at that point your mind is already getting to the realization that maybe things are not going the direction that you feel they need to go so it is time to move on or leaving someone you love.

Note — We hold on to things to God that he will try to save…

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