Being Accused Of Cheating When Innocent

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Tricky situations that occur in an intimate relationship, it’s about being accused of cheating when you haven’t actually cheated or being accused of cheating when innocent.

Respect and dignity are so critical in keeping a relationship afloat.

If you truly have not cheated or if you truly have not put yourself in a position that compromises your loyalty to your partner then there are two kinds of situations,

=> You can either say I haven’t cheated

If they don’t come to believe you then the trust in your relationship is in trouble.

=> Did you cheat once and now because of that one time you are doomed to be a cheater through?

Note — If you’ve never cheated maybe your partner was cheated on in a previous relationship and because of that they assumed all men or all women are cheaters.

Being accused of cheating when your not

a) If you’ve been accused of cheating when you, in reality, have not or wrongfully accused of cheating you shouldn’t have to beg for them to believe you, you should have a very serious conversation and give the relationship some space.

Advice — Take a little bit of time to really realign where you are because it’s important for your partner that false accusations will only further, generate a problem they won’t make things better he or she yelling at you over cheating without actually presenting a solution or without being able to believe.

Step off and let them face it on their own until they are ready to approach you as an equal partner.

So if you are carrying a battle wound from your previous relationship, understand that’s going to come now and infiltrate.

b) If you really believed you didn’t do something, don’t raise your voice, don’t scream about it don’t cause more problems to exit the situation. Maybe they need to breathe, maybe they need to spend some time understanding their own selves and their own previous experiences.

Advice — Time is such an amazing component in situations l so don’t be afraid to take some time to yourself, you don’t need to turn this around.

Falsely accused of cheating

If you feel your ex or current partner is here in this moment, in this week or a month have been accusing you of cheating when you have indeed haven’t cheated so exit.

Take some well-deserved time for yourself maybe a couple of days or weeks then you can have a very serious conversation to see whether or not those accusations are going to be put away.

If they’re not then you have to ask yourself,

Are you in the right relationship?

Because if you aren’t being trusted when you are indeed trustworthy you may be setting yourself up for a hell of a headache.

Accused of cheating but innocent

Four things that you can do to protect yourself or what to do when falsely accused of cheating

1) Do not be alone with him or her, for example, when you trying to talk to them on numerous occasions then they would take those conversations and turn them into false allegations of probably domestic potential, domestic violence, or that you’re harassing them.

But if you get any indication get away from them and do not be alone with them, make sure you have a witness or worst case scenario you have some recorded method so you have something to say that this is not the same situation that is being expressed.

2) What to do When you’ve been falsely accused of cheating, Use an attorney for your conversations,

The best way to do that is just direct everything through an attorney if you don’t have an attorney, do everything through email or text don’t do it on the phone because it can also be construed as there’s no record of what you said.

Note — False allegations are really common, it’s really tough because when someone makes an allegation people have a tendency to want to believe because they’re not sure, they don’t know, what you did and what you didn’t do only you know the real story then these other people.

What does a human being do when they are falsely accused or wrongly accused of cheating.

Normally what happens, most human beings will be triggered into survival mode or protection mode. And

Being falsely accused of cheating

Survival mode is defense attack or escape, the type of reaction generate in the accuser, a sense that the person being accused is aggressive or it’s an admission of guilt so that doesn’t quite work out for the person who’s falsely accused or misunderstood.

This continual cycle of misunderstanding gets perpetuated because it’s the initial survival mode reaction.

Falsely accused of cheating on spouse

When you feel falsely being accused of cheating or just misunderstood that’s a very extreme experience so here are the modes,

=> If you tend to be very defensive then you’ll notice a pattern of being in explanation mode so that can be a more sophisticated version of defending with fists or blocking up with a wall.

=>Trying to defend yourself with more facts and more evidence even though it’s useful to have facts and evidence.

=> Noticing a pattern in your life where you constantly track things, try to prove yourself is a sign that you might feel you’re in survival mode all the time and your reaction is defensiveness.

Note — Attack if you find that you are responding to misunderstandings or accusations by being very aggressive, you’ve tended to have very strong opinions and you might be very judgmental because you feel you live in a world where you’re so easily misunderstood.

It’s really important for you to have super strong and clear face-to-face confrontations or beliefs because you don’t want to be misunderstood.

Note — Sometimes having a strong, very aggressive with your opinion might be actually a defensive posture.

=> Escape, if you tend to avoid confrontation or you avoid even getting involved with people. To isolate or maybe describe yourself as a loner or remove yourself from situations or society.

It’s a sign that you’re living in a survival mode where you don’t feel safe, being involved in relationships, and don’t want to defend.

How to respond to cheating accusations

1) Survival mode patterns, to know your survival mode reactions, recognize how your own mistakes and transgressions are, the result usually some kind of protection survival mode and once you’ve analyzed whether you tend to be defensive attacking, or escapist that will help you understand.

2) See your transgressions with compassion that comes from the first one knowing your survival mode, whenever you alleviate shame or guilt then you’re able actually to face your own actions.

Advice — When you are able to acknowledge you’ve done something wrong, you realize where it’s coming from. It takes away the shame and the guilt and makes you more honest and able to face your own mistakes.

3) Understand your accuser’s pain with compassion, when you understand your accuser, they actually calm down.

Special Advice — Build a bridge and efforts make a difference. Calm down our reactions take a deep breath and try to understand where everyone’s pain is coming from.

Being accused of cheating when innocent, how you dealt in the same situation share your views at Games in love.



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