Fear of Abandonment In Dating Relationships

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If a person is in a relationship that they don’t want to be in, it may not be long before it ends. They could have been dating for a few months or years, Fear of abandonment in dating relationships.

Regardless of how long they’ve been with them, they’re not going to want to stay in one place. This does not imply that ending the relationship will be simple for them what it boils down to is that being with this person is no longer fulfilling them.

Fear of Losing Someone In A Relationship

Paying a Small Price

As a result, the pain they will feel in the short term will be insignificant in comparison to the benefits they will receive in the long run. They will be able to let go of a lot of things and welcome a lot of new things if they cut ties with this person.

It will be easier for them to behave in new ways if they are no longer with the same individual. When the relationship ends, some of their existing behaviors that are supported by their spouse will start to fade away.

A Fresh Start

The relationship they have will have an influence on them in the same way that living in a cold climate would affect them. As a result, if this were to come to an end, it would be akin to going somewhere warm.

Their behavior, as well as the types of clothes they wear, are likely to change in a different climate. And after their relationship ends, their behavior is likely to change, and they may even change their appearance.

Fear of Being Left Behind

There are several reasons for this

They could be in a relationship with someone abusive, for example, which will have a detrimental impact on their health. Staying with this person will not benefit them on the contrary, it will make them feel even worse about themselves.

It will not be enjoyable to be with this person, and even if they spend time apart, one is unlikely to feel much better. Simultaneously, one may be in a relationship that has reached its end.

A New Direction

Perhaps they’ve known this person since they were in elementary school and have now realized they’re no longer compatible. Or they could have started dating this person while they weren’t in the best of moods, making it evident that they were dating for the wrong reasons.

Knowing what’s going on with them will prevent them from leading their partner on and allow them more time to find someone else. Staying with them for the wrong reasons will be detrimental to them and their spouse.

Note — A healthy relationship might be harmed by fear of desertion. Some people are concerned that their partner is having an affair. This anxiousness may be a result of previous relationships. It could also be the result of a past bereavement or anxiety problem. Adults who are terrified of being abandoned might try to prevent their partners from abandoning them. They might put a lot of time and effort into the relationship.

Fear of Being Left Out

Another Possibility

However, while someone may act in this manner when they no longer wish to be with their spouse, they may also act in another manner. Spending time with other individuals is something they might end up doing.

It will be easier for them to stay with their lover if they go with others. One will neither be present with the person with whom they are currently conversing nor will they be fully present with the other persons with whom they share their body.

A Discharge

Persons with whom they share their bodies may not be people with whom they would like to spend their time if they were alone. Having these people in their lives, however, will allow them to let go of the stream.

Living in this manner will, in the end, put them under even more stress than they would otherwise. They are unlikely to be double agents, but they will live two lives.

How To Deal With Fear of Abandonment

What exactly is going on?

This could indicate that this person is afraid of being abandoned, which is why they are unable to break their links with the person they are with. They would only do this if they had another individual lined up who they knew would remain around because of their terror.

As a result, keeping their spouse around will offer them the external stability they require to keep this fear in check while going out with other people will allow them to satisfy their want to be with someone they like. The chaos they see on the outside is a reflection of the messiness they see inside.

Note — Someone who has been abandoned is more prone to have long-term mental health problems. These are frequently motivated by a dread of being abandoned again. A child who has been abandoned by a parent or caregiver may have mood swings or antagonism later in life. Potential intimate partners and friends may be turned off by these activities. Lack of parental support can also impair a child’s self-esteem.

A person’s fear of being abandoned may make it difficult for them to trust others. They could make it difficult for someone to feel worthy or intimate. Anxiety, depression, codependence, and other difficulties may result from these fears.

Fear of Abandonment In Relationships

A Recurring Pattern

There’s a good probability they’ll only have relationships with those they consider to be trustworthy. Having someone like this in their life will allow them to spend their time with people to whom they are drawn.

As a result, when one of these relations comes to an end, the person they are formal with will be there. Imagine yourself as a dependent child with your spouse as your parent you may then go out and play with your friends without fear of being abandoned.

How To Get Over Fear of Abandonment

The Motive

If someone is afraid of being abandoned, they may also be suffering from the anguish of abandonment. This could be the outcome of events from their childhood, or it could be related to events that occurred during their birth and while they were in the womb.

Because of the trauma they have experienced, it will be nearly impossible for them to manage their emotions and feel like an interdependent adult. It may appear as if their emotions are the sole part of them, rather than being another element of them.

If this resonates with you and you want to make a difference in your life, you may need to seek outside help. A therapist or healer, for example, can help with this.

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