How A Man Feels After Being Cheated On

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Cheating is alternating between temper feelings of confusion and sadness. How a man feels after being cheated on, It’s one of those things being betrayed then until you’ve been there, you don’t really understand it even once you’ve been there you really don’t understand it either.

These days women cheat as well as probably more than men.

How men feel after cheating

It is difficult to stand for men who get cheated on the same thing is applicable to the woman, we remain have our pride to protect also from which we do not be upset.

The problem with cheating, when someone is being cheated the burden or the pain does not lie on the person who cheated on.

On the other hand, it is practical with the person who is cheated upon this is one of the problems with cheating, you cheat on me and me the ones suffering, feeling after being cheated on so this is how it goes.

How do guys feel after being cheated on

Men who have been cheated on are totally devastated. The man is physically, mentally, and emotionally suffer.

A man who is cheated on goes on to ask himself several questions like,

1. His physical appearance, am I not good-looking, am I not okay for this woman, am I not okay for my wife, of a woman to have cheated on me.

2. He goes on to question his financial abilities, as I’m not been providing enough for this woman, have I not be giving her enough.

Then he goes on to question,

3. A special ability, am I not good enough in bed, am I not giving this woman what she wants, am I not romantic enough for this woman.

Why would she do this, the attempt to look at it as indeed?

The way a man feels about being cheated on,

=> Feels shattered
=> Feels deceived

So a man feels totally unacceptable absolutely unfit, no matter whom you have cheated him with, where the person is more physically handsome rich or whatever.

Note — Cheating actually makes a man start living differently, to go on to cheat on some other women he would make in the future because that the feeling of insecurity would constantly playoff in his future relationships with other women.

He would always feel insecure, he would always have the same fear as,

=> This woman would go to treat me the same as treated by the previous woman so he doesn’t feel secure.

Have you ever feels the same way?

Moreover, he’s scared of this empty repeating itself, now this is generally applicable to women as well, A woman fears also the same, a woman feels not good enough. Mentally, physically, a woman also feels the same about cheating.

Regret Cheating

Advice — If you’re cheating then it reflects from your behavior, action, utterance, and communication, so don’t cheat as it can end your relationship into heartbreak, which becomes guilt after cheating.

How being cheated on changes you

In most cases, 97% of the time most men leave, they’ll never look at you the same. He won’t value the same anymore, he’ll just look at you but not in the same light, they won’t look at you as pure as he did when he initially fell in love with you.

After being cheated on, a man never be the same again even when the woman goes back to the guy sometimes a relationship becomes bitter but still, she stays with him.

On the other hand, a man won’t stay with a woman who cheated on him, he’s willing to look over his pride, and he’s going to look past his ego as a man.

He’s just going to look overlook all the likelihood. One out of ten, 1% chance of the guy actually staying with them.

Note — They’ll never look at you the same, they just won’t be the same, never value you as much as they did. If he does stay so that’s why the likelihood of the guy staying is just zero to none basically.

Feelings after being cheated on, we don’t understand where it was coming from and the research is showing that many of the people who have affairs classify their relationship as a good relationship. They say that they are in love with their partner.

Has your partner cheated on you?

Maybe there was something inside themselves that they were looking for, maybe there was some need that was not being met and maybe they were just impulsive.

Regardless just because they cheated on, therefore, does not mean that what you had wasn’t real. You will probably never fully understand why they did, what they did and how they could do it.

There’s a saying, it takes a cheater to know a cheater. It’s the truth unless it’s a choice that you could make, it’s a way that you happen to be geared.

How to cope with being cheated on

The betrayal will continue for a while and one of the ways that it’s gonna happen is you’re going to have moments where the realizations kind of smack you across.

Suddenly you’re going to have a memory come up, you’re going to be confronted with the realization of what was actually happening during that time versus what you thought was happening during that time.

It’s painful and hard, it will happen for a while the good news is it does start to fade eventually, you’ve exhausted all the major memories, recovering from being cheated on.

Advice — Never allow somebody else to determine your worth, don’t take their word for it. You are enough exactly as you are, don’t worry what other people say, that’s how to get over the pain of being cheated on

Can you get over being cheated on, yes you can?

Betrayal is one of those things that you won’t ever forget. It’s gonna stay with you however it fades, it’s not going to be that ever-present sensation then it’s right now.

How to get over being cheated on and move on

Forgiving yourself, you need to forgive yourself for not knowing that this was happening, you need to forgive yourself for how you’ve responded to the information, you need to forgive yourself for maybe not always responding in the way that you wish you had.

Getting over being cheated on

If you been cheated on or lies by your partner that’s all you can operate. From now, it’s your time to find a purpose for yourself. You won’t forget but you can still move on.

Special Advice — Cheating also affects a woman the same way which would affect a man. Cheating is generally killing, it’s generally evil and not something you should do to any person that you are dealing with, therefore those things you cannot do before him or her.

Hope this realize you how a man feels after being cheated on, you have ever been cheated by someone just tell us in the below comment section at Games in love.



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