How Heartbreak Can Ease Your Pain.

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How heartbreak can ease your pain, it’s a heartbreak love story, who is about to heartbroken. Many people have experienced this situation where they felt broken, broken heart my cause from various situations.

Broken heart definition It’s an extremely unhappy situation, emotional stress, experiencing deep sadness when someone broke your heart, not love you, or dies.

It’s an actual storyline of three college friends, stuck into a love triangle.

What Heartbreak feels like

Heartbreak never easy for anyone. People get depressed also, after feeling the heartache from their loved ones, coz they never expect the backstabbing from them. This story indicates the same situation, love and heartbreak.

She’s a fun-loving bubbly girl her name is hazel. She always thought that she was the luckiest girl in the world, having the best trio, her boyfriend Joey, and the best girlfriend Monica until she found out everyone’s a backstabber.

However, all things got changed that day!!!!

On the rehearsals of national competition finals, all were doing practice with their teammates, people are coming to see the competition and all of a sudden… She accidentally fell right down into the rehearsal and broke her ankle.

She was living her dreams and then just couldn’t stand the fact that Monica her bestie, she did it. It was shocking for her, to digest the fact.

Tip — Never break the trust of anyone, whether it’s your friend or stranger coz it depicts your personality that what kind of person you are.

Why she did this??

She trusted her so much but she can’t even think of our friendship. She broke all the rules, so hurtful. Monica cheated. After that incident hazel admitted to the hospital, because of her broken ankle she couldn’t do the coaching for several months.

She’s been really sad coz she somewhere knew the fact that her best friend cheated on her, she was suffering coz of her. However, she never loses the hope of getting things better one day.

Advice — Always feel your inner strength in difficult times coz as time passes all your sorrows disappear and new time with opportunities comes into your way.

How does it feel to be heartbroken

After several months, she’s got better and was expecting her boyfriend will visit her, someone came in, she thought it’s him her love, but it’s a stranger holding a bunch of flowers. A little smile on her face after so many days, Aww-get well, soon flowers. Was it him?

She asked her cousin which was staying with her in the hospital, Was it sent by him tell me please was it him, my heart is saying it’s him. But still, you better tell the truth. Cousin replied, no it’s not him.

That simply means he solely wished to be along with her, but he is innocent. She feels totally broken, her best friend, who’s betraying her, trying to steal her man. They backstabbed, really feel heartbreak heartbreak.

Have you ever face the same scenario where you feel heartbroken just comment on your views.

How to get over a heartbreak

It’s hard to come out from heartbreaks especially when your dear ones involved, but there are ways to overcome the situation.

1) Give yourself time to heal — love your self, means self-love, Feel the importance of life, God has given you beautiful life so take this as an opportunity to live your fullest, spend time with yourself feel your inner power.

2) Open up — Try to open up with others, try to make new friends, spend time in activities which you enjoy, it’s really important to divert your mind coz if you wrap up yourself in this broken situation then you can’t grow further.

3) Be a Fighter — Try to fight against your fear of loneliness, coz if you run from the situation then you never overcome from it, prepare yourself to face every situation, change your attitude and allow yourself to move forward to achieve your goals.

4) Learn from Past — Always learn from your previous mistake so that you can better ready for the future, transform you for your betterment. Don’t just cry and think from your past try to execute from it.

5) Be Gentle — Just take a deep breath and be polite to yourself coz it’s not your mistake and especially doesn’t blame yourself.

If you try all these ways you will meet a new person of yourself which is independent, a true fighter, strong enough and know how to cope with heartbreak.

People who don’t have the courage to overcome the situation, get more indulge themselves to downfall, so it’s better to come out from that darkness and keep a stand for yourselves.

After knowing the fact she decided to gather some evidence and go spy on their little romantic cafe date. She trusted her boyfriend and best friend blindly but after seeing them on a date, she totally lost, so disrespectful for her. They were enjoying the fullest she hasn’t imagine this ever.

Advice — If your best friend and your lover, break your trust then they were never your dear ones, so don’t low your self-esteem on them, just trust your self and on your gut feeling always.

How to deal with heartbreak

Tip — Never waste your time on heartless people, value yourself.

Finally, she gathers all the evidence and prepares to face them with the fact. Somehow she prepared herself but from inside she’s totally broken coz she didn’t imagine her boyfriend with her best friend.

Special Advice — Jealously is the main factor of betrayal, it spoils the pure friendship in a single second, so better never enter jealousy in your relations.

This is called heartbreak, a love story, after all, it wasn’t called happily ever was it so. Finally, she finds both of them together, her boyfriend with a dearest friend. They were looking so happy and close that she can’t even believe in her eyes, but she controls her anger and clam down for the moment.

Coz she wants to catch them together confronting their backstabbing. As she came both of them were closely sitting, after seeing her they both got stunned.

She said to her boyfriend, I want to break down the relationship. He feels guilty because he cheated on, he pleaded but she knew all his drama coz he is not a trustworthy person.

Still can’t believe, you were my best friend and you have done all this, friends don’t do that to each other, still, now I just don’t believe it.

Hope you have learned from this heartbreak love story, don’t trust your loved ones blindly as they can break your trust, where you don’t get another way to stand up yourself.

Just write your comments at Games in love, How Heartbreak Can Ease Your Pain, wish it would help those who are dealing with the same scenario, those who haven’t face the situation are the lucky ones, will also learn from it.



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