How Long Does It Take To Get Over A Divorce

How long does it take to get over a divorce, if you’re reading this blog might be you getting divorced, or maybe you’re reading for your loved one?

It’s a sensitive question but somewhere it’s real. How long does it take to recover from divorce on top of how to come out feeling refreshed as well as ready to start a new life and be able to come out totally empowered. Its real story reflects on my cousin’s life,

She’s a single mom of three children which means she has been through a divorce, they were married for over 12 years, divorce is difficult so here are few tips that helped my cousin to get through a divorce being able to come through it or How long does it take to get over a divorce and move forward with your life.

How to survive a divorce

Step 1 — Don’t think of your past memories, just step out. If you absolutely can’t move then it’s very difficult to move ahead, just don’t think to keep going with your day.

Like get up in the morning go to work do all the regular things just move on, forget, and forgive go on with the next part of your life.

Sometimes it will catch up with you so you have to take time to mourn. You need time to sit and think about your future, your children, and most importantly about yourself.

For example — when a person dies, you feel really sad and depressed but as time passes you become normal and accepted the truth, so it’s the same thing when you get divorced. Don’t take it in the wrong way, just think positively about the viewpoint.

Because it’s really hard to get over the memories of a person with whom you have spent so many years of your life. So you need to think this way to again live your life with empowerment.

How long to get over Divorce

There was a lot of potentials that you really were expecting was gonna happen in this marriage, a lot of love that was exchanged, a lot of time together, a lot of hope for the future, and what’s going to be an expectation.

You really have to have time to be able to properly come out from that, as per my cousin’s experience it will take approx 1.5 years to recover from divorce.

Everybody does mourning in a different way some people really want to talk it out with a friend or someone close they’re close to.

Some people just want to be alone, some people like to write poetry or listen to music there are so many different ways of mourning but you have to take that time to come out from those memories.

How long does it take to get over a divorce for a women

My cousin’s counselor or therapist told me to write a letter to her husband pretending that it’s like the day before our wedding, writing out all of our expectations for our future life together and that was so powerful.

Because it really brought out the emotions of the disappointment of all the things that I was really planning for our life together really planning to see that never came to fulfillment or didn’t come to accomplishment in the way that I had hoped, desired, planned, expected, and dreamed of.

There are so many ways of mourning but you really have to give yourself the time you have to just recognize that mourning is a part of life, part of who we are as humans that we have emotions.

We have to feel those emotions because when you don’t feel the emotions you cover them up something that people do in order to avoid feeling that’s what codependents.

When you’re codependent you avoid your feeling and you go and cover it up with some kind of addiction.

How long to recover from divorce

Advice — Feel your feelings more and take the time to mourn. Appreciate that’s just part of life you have to take the time to mourn.

How to prepare for divorce

When my cousin was mourning for her marriage, she warned when she realized that they were getting divorced but then when the actual real divorce happened she got the actual paper, the floods just started all over again, she actually sent an email to family, close friends saying that,

Need privacy for a couple of days to feel free to communicate through email but she didn’t want them calling her and with her kids.

She shoveled them for those couple of days but mostly spent a lot of time in her room doing her own thing.

How long does it take to get over Divorce

A lot of people are going to tell you to go for therapy, my cousin also did therapy and finds it very beneficial.

So if you can do that but you’ve got to really find someone that works well with you, someone that’s really good, someone your personalities are gonna drive, and not every therapist is gonna work for you, not every type of therapy is gonna work for you so you really got to make sure that it works.

But she gained most from therapy moreover apart from therapy she did it on her own like, how long to get over a divorce by reconnecting with your younger self reconnecting with who you are as a person inside.

Inside who you really are because at one point her therapist had her sit down and literally ask herself questions like, child self asking who are you, what’s your name, what’s important to you in life, and what do you love most.

It was really interesting she had with her dominant hand, she had written the questions and with her non-dominant hand, she had her write the answers who was very interestingly connecting two sides of the bringing type of exercise.

Step 2 — Reconnected with what inspired you, obviously everybody’s different but for my cousin the biggest inspiration in life is music.

It was a huge inspiration, for her too, actually honestly hadn’t listened to music in years like many years and she somehow likes maybe a few weeks after she got divorced.

Music is a great mind changer or gives you a lot of strength to move further.

She indulges her in music so much that she started studying songs that inspired her, learned a lot about herself it was incredible, it was absolutely incredible.

These two things went together with a therapy connection with yourself and music.

Remember, when you spend time with yourself and start doing things that you enjoy and love, you guys develop a new power in yourself trust me, that helps a lot to recover from divorce.

How long does it take to recover from a divorce

Listened to music or songs, again and again, watching inspirational videos, that empowered you.

Once you do these types of things, you mourn and let give yourself time to process, feel your feelings and really connect with yourself inside with how you’re feeling and connect with who you are as a person, what inspired you. It gives you the ability to move on to go higher and higher.

Enjoying doing things that really need as a person, like what you have been enjoying at a young age think and restart your life again with a smile, start learning about yourself, what you really need, and haven’t given yet.

Special Advice — Start feeding yourself as a person, not just being a wife and a mother, what does everybody else need it just like, everybody else needs things you do but if you want to be a person whose overflowing you need to fill yourself up first.

So getting over a divorce is feel like part of, it is getting over the actual relationship that you had and part of it is rediscovering who you are as a person and filling what needs to be inspired inside of you So that you can move forward and make a fabulous life for yourself because there are endless possibilities in this world.

Personally, when you took a step back, a single notion came to your mind that you lost the relationship but don’t think so much as you have a stunning family with children, a beautiful life that is such a blessing, so always grateful to God.

So better don’t think of painful thoughts, be a new person who is excited about life, who’s like going places, who’s gonna make life amazing, brilliant or awesome. Try to be like this way so that your children proud of you for their brilliant upbringing after going through such a pain full journey.

Have you also experience your life after divorce this way or not just write to us at Games in love.

Wish you inspired by my cousin’s lovely story of How long does it take to get over a divorce and include our advice in your life. For any Advice or tip just comment below.



Games in love a place based on multiple types of games about the love between define relationship,unconditional love, heartbreak, Marriages, love advise.

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Games in love a place based on multiple types of games about the love between define relationship,unconditional love, heartbreak, Marriages, love advise.