How Often Should You Text A Guy You Just Started Dating

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Texting is how you can keep a man interested and invested in the relationship. It’s communication key, texting is a big part of dating nowadays, how often should you text a guy you just started dating.

Should you text everyday when dating

It’s not that you have to test every single day or even every few days, it can depend on what the situation is,

If it’s your beginning and it could be going somewhere serious then you text once a week it’s kind of standard but then if it’s just a friend with benefits then you might message each other once every fortnight when you’re both feeling free.

Note — The more you date someone the more you tend to message them because you’re more interested to know them like, what his likes, preferences, or hobbies, whether it’s three months of been dating or two months.

Remember, in the early days of dating, Ghosting is a thing for the few of you, ghosting is when you stop messaging or stop responding to someone. You literally become a digital ghost of the person that they used to there but they can’t reach you it’s quite savage when you think about it.

When you start dating someone, you’re pretty secure in your cells then you don’t need to message every single day, that you’re both still interested.

Texting a guy first

You got him a text, do you see that you brought a smile to his face, put some butterflies in his stomach and it made him think about you.

But what if you don’t text it back, remember he’s not gonna be sweating like why did she text me for 43 hours, but it just tells him you’re not that interested.

However, when you just initiate that one text it makes him feel good, it makes him feel wanted especially because most of the time guys feel like they have to make the first move,

He text every day, be the first to approach you, be the first to buy you a drink, be the first to ask your number,

Be the first to ask out with a date that was a socially constructed behavior that has nothing to do with a lack of self-control.

Note — The less you text, the less interested it shows that you are, this applies to him as well as to you.

Partly messaging can also indicate that you’ve got a life and other stuff going on. You’re open to a guy but it’s not a priority for you the one thing is if you’re not gonna message a lot, do not play the waiting game.

The waiting game is, oh he didn’t reply for an hour so I need to not reply for two hours, don’t do that because if you’re not texting a lot then it means there has to be some kind of purpose to either sort out.

How to know if he’s interested through text, When you maybe find out the logistics of something if he messages you like, hey you free tonight and you don’t reply until the following morning all tell him is that he can never be spontaneous with you.

Texting a guy you just met is what if you go ahead and send him that text before he texts you then all you’re doing is you’re investing in him before he’s had a chance to invest in you.

He text

Allow a man to make those investments, allow him to throw out that text to a girl and wonder, is she ever going to respond?

Right men are natural pursuers and men subconsciously really do whether they’ll admit it or not, they want that feeling of wondering like,

=> Is she ever going to respond
=> Is she going to get back to me

Then they feel rewarded when they finally get that response if a guy likes you he will text you of course.

When to text a guy

For example, if he doesn’t have your number then you should text him first.

Advice — If you give a guy your number then don’t text him first, wait for him that when he texts you.

When a guy doesn’t message you all day

What should I do if he doesn’t respond to my text?

Just wait, have patience when it comes to texting it can be really hard but you have no idea what’s going in that guy’s life, means,

=> Maybe he’s busy at work
=> Maybe he’s on vacation

He can be doing a ton of different things which you don’t know.

Rules for texting a guy you like

The easiest way to turn off a guy, especially a guy who’s really confident successful in his life doing a lot of things which is probably what you want, the easiest way to turn them off is by over texting him.

So don’t double text him, don’t double down.

If you’re thinking, he never texts me back again, he never responds but you’re going to be seeing him again soon maybe you’re going to see him,

Outside or at work wherever then definitely wait and then when you do see him in real life it’s so important to bring that personality, to bring that excitement, and bring that charm so you can revitalize the relationship.

How long should you wait to text a guy

If you know that you will never see him again, then you sent out a text and wait a week.

After that, you go ahead and send him one of the bait texts.

Advice — Do not go for the back-to-back same-day texts, he saw it, he read it, he just hasn’t had a chance to respond or unfortunately, he may never respond.

What if he texts me late at night?

Do guys message late if they are interested, yes they do but don’t respond that night, let him wake up hungover freaking out that he might not ever hear from you again because he got too drunk and he sent you a text so the next morning, of course, don’t respond that night.

The next day send him a text, for instance,

=> Got your huh, after rough night text last night? rough night?

It also sets your standards for the type of girl you are. Don’t apologize, don’t say oh I’m so sorry I wasn’t up to respond nothing like that you’re the type of woman who doesn’t take that crap.

So don’t stand for that by sending this type of response it’s not too strong, it’s not too pushy but at the same time, it does set your boundaries for the type of woman that you are.

Is it bad to text a guy first, Never text a guy,

1) When you’re upset, love texting is all about eliciting positive emotions not negative emotions and the best part of texting is that you choose when it takes place if you’re mad if you’re upset about something.

Whether it has to do with him or anything else goes for a run, do meditate, do whatever you need to do to change your state of mind, and then come back to the drawing board.

2) When you go with your friends, having a good time, of course, you want to test your either boyfriend or a guy you’ve recently met when you’re drunk but if you are really drunk or really really wasted then it’s probably not a good idea it’s going to come off the wrong way.

You’re going to text them something that you really didn’t mean and if you want to come off as a nice girlfriend material which you definitely do if that’s you’re in a relationship or just recently met a guy then it’s really important not to text a guy when you’re in that type of state of mind.

Position yourself the right way and it going to avoid these types of awkward scenarios.

Hope you find ways how often should you text a guy you just started dating, for any advice just remarks at Games in love.



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