How To Get Over Someone You Love, If She Lost Interest!!

If you’re dating or in a love relationship and your girlfriend is not giving importance to you, lost interest in you, or ignoring you by giving foolish reasons so don’t be tensed, in this article, we will provide the ways that How you re-attract her at Games in love.

Precisely I want you to use this article as a self-reliant on you to understand how to get her back but also realize that if she won’t be back then what next??

Just read the article to find more games in love!!!

It’s very important because every love book is different. I’m going to try to tailor this love culture advice to maybe something that you’re going through. So you can use this reverse to self-coaching.

Now a little I want you read about, what a lot of people do wrong in regards to trying to get someone back in the middle of games in love??

Don’t to re-attract:

Understand that there’s a difference between showing feeling and then being me.
When you’re trying to get a woman back in the love field, showing feelings by saying I love you baby, love me love me say that you love me or you mean a lot to me. It doesn’t mean that you’re needy. I’m not saying to continue to do this though by calling her every day, say

I love you,
I love you,
I love you, I need you in my life, I just can’t see my life without you, I was stuck in love with you, I’m so sorry please just come back to me because I can’t live without you if you’re doing like this, that’s a needy behavior. Stop doing this.

Here, you should keep in mind the difference between “vulnerability & neediness” in a relationship. The reason why I start with this because what you don’t do is that behavior if you are in a situation. where a woman pulled away right. I pulled away because she said:

She wasn’t ready, she lost chemistry, she needs time, she needs space, she’s not ready to settle down with you, she doesn’t know what she wants, oh my god!! I can go on with a list of things that I hear all the time for a woman.

I know how women operate so if you feel that you have to continue to push her for love me love me, call her every single second in order to get her back off if you’re doing like this then you’re completely wrong because what you’re gonna end up doing by pushing her away.

Lots of times women like to play this crazy mind saying I want to see you fight for me. Here’s the thing that the only case I would say you need to fight for a woman as if you were a royal elope like royally messed up. If you literally cheat on her or something happens in the christy love relationship,

Which explained in our previous article,
but that’s not the case if she’s playing tough love games with you because of the fact that she has more control than you then this is really important for you to pay attention to love joint.

I want you to read and think carefully about this fake love. Right now there are so many times we’re dear ones with discussions, after 10 minutes they were telling me their relationship story with a woman. what I realize from their story is how much more control that this woman has over them. You can call this love games, also you can at this you know what I’m pointing on!!

Inauthentic but it’s genuinely not. I’m sick of people saying this is games because it’s not actually human behavior. I want you to understand something because it comes to dating. We classify everything as games if the woman has more control that means you’re not good enough or if the man has more control that means a woman is not good enough.

If human nature, let me break it down for you, a lot of people think oh it’s games in love relationship right but what about like when we’re growing up children so imagine your mother, you always basically not listening to what your mother has to say. She’s not doing anything about it because you have more control thus

1) You continue to do those things,
2) You continue those patterns,
3) You continue to test the limits,
4) You continue to do everything

She told you not to do because there are no boundaries in making love so when the sense of control is lost in a relationship, then there are no boundaries, that’s what it shows me “boundaries” are so essential for you men to really analyze your relationship.

After reading till here, one questionary in all of your mind, How much control does I really have??

This one question that you can ask yourself first is,
How much control do you really have on this relationship??
Not of the woman but the relationship have you set is a share the love foundation.

Have you set boundaries possibly not, because at this point you don’t need to beg a woman to get you back, you don’t need to say I love you, I’ll do anything to get you back, moreover, call her every single day because if you come from a mindset of scarcity or lack it’s not gonna woman. When a woman back, you have to come in a mindset of abundance which we are telling you in this article.

Now alluding to what I’m saying is when you come from a place of scarcity, lack you are getting away from a troll, you’re not going to get her back this way then another thing that comes up a lot to you which make you a little worry is:

If I don’t continue to call her every single day, show her my love she’ll probably just move on forget about me. she must involve in love with another man and build a new relation.

In my opinion regarding your concern is, well if a woman was going to move on, fall in love with another guy that quickly my answer to them is she was “never in love” with you in the first place so this was a “toxic relationship” at games in love. You’re basically jumping on the fence for someone that’s not jumping fences for you.

Understand what I mean here so get out of that scarcity mindset because the scarcity & lack is going to keep you in this place of fake love. A solution to abundance is to put your own self. I say this, all the time on a pedestal you’ve got to come from a place of “I am enough”, if this woman doesn’t see it then it’s her fault along with I’m going to stay true to my values but also respect her in a way where I set the foundation for my expectations of what I want.

Remarkably, taking a couple of steps back will let you gain control. I was considering not talking to her for anywhere from 30 to 45 days depending on the tune in for love relationship sometimes even 60 days. Some of my dear ones have had done 60 days that absolutely turn around their love picture. Now they’re back in a relationship. Sounds good know!!

Some are getting married but the thing here is you’ve got to have a “sense of control” when it comes to these love notes. The next question that men always ask is:

Why do I excessively think about her? obsessively think about someone because the mind is trained. If you put someone on a plinth, which means they’re better as compare to you. Personally, put these thoughts that if I did this right it could have been perfect, if did this XYZ right then it would have worked out.

Now if you’re training your mind to focus on what would have worked out then you’re not looking at the reality. therefore one after the other you are placing her on a plinth, that you have done. Your mind is only trained to think about :

=> What you want the most?
=> What you gravitate to?
=> What you constantly think about? You’re generating these thoughts my own

This is a reason why your mind keeps on thinking excessively about her. Just think about it!!
I want you to think typically like men.

I never met a woman like this feeling that she’s given me, she’s beautiful, she has a nice body, she’s… she knows she’s great in bed possibly. It’s just what’s feeling that funny, I don’t know but then I always ask if it’s really in the feeling, why are you so addicted to love with this woman who does not addict to you?? That’s not a boundary, I mean that’s not value, excuse me your values on the line. She’s not offering something of substance to you, so why you’re chasing something that is hard to get.

Don’t take my words in other ways, but I m telling you the reality. You have to become hard to get, so she can see you in a different way because now she has so much control so what I want you to do??
Is take a step back now that I’ve diagnosed all of the questions that can come up in your head. Take a step back to go 30 to 45 days without contact. I want you to keep the focus on you, this time will be the hardest time for you.

Yes, possibly you’re going to go up and down with rock of love emotions but I can complete as well as authentically hundred percent honestly telling you that you will go up along with down but feel much powerful in the process of games in love as time goes on.

Once you fully self-controlled you will able to showcase your women the new implementations which you have adapted in your own life, now you are no more entreat her to come back to you but you’re just going to open up the platform to say:

Hey, listen!! I know what I am here for I know my feelings were for you but I didn’t like the way that you treated me. I know that’s not what I deserve, stop being past it then stop being dismissive, be assertive, direct with a woman. Take the lead, the initiative of what you want in your life. A lot of men get scared because they’re like if I would become assertive that I’m not respectful, no not at all.

To become more assertive, direct with what you want that makes you another new person. This change will appreciate when you saw yourself in front of a mirror.

So at this time, you’re not talking to her. I want you to think about what’s your heart really desires from a woman or specifically this woman because I don’t want you to focus just someone this woman anymore. What I want you to do is focus on “You” because the last thing that you do is you don’t get your days back, you don’t get your time back.

The last thing I want you to do is to focus on something that will never work, putting so much effort onto that because the way that you get back a woman is not focusing on her it’s about focusing on yourself, making some ultimate changes that you never did before, make yourself a better person. The mistake that you have had in your past just learn from that.

I hope my advice would work for you in a better way, I always love to advise people who are dealing with some difficulties in their relationships coz I have had experienced the same, wish you guys all the luck and great love life ahead.

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