How To Handle Every Twin Flame Separation Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

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There’s a thin line between love and hate, How to handle every twin flame separation challenge with ease using these tips.

A twin flame connection is known as one of the most tumultuous types of relationships because everything that you don’t like much about yourself is on a subconscious level.

Twin flames separation stage

Why is twin soul separation a part of the necessary, this has to do with soul growth because the soul demands growth, the soul demands spiritual evolution and evolvement so that the original mission chosen before incarnation can be accomplished.

Note — When one twin has awakened then that creates an imbalance.

Those lower vibrational aspects, where there may be neediness issues, abandonment issues, commitment issues, judgment issues, negativity issues, egoic type of issues.

Advice — Both twins have to be in balance there can’t be one awake and one asleep.

Twin flames separation

a) When there is twin flame separation pain just trust that it’s for your highest good because that twin flame connection was brought about for your highest good in the first place.

Twin flame separation symptoms

It was divinely arranged in the first place so you’ve got to trust the bigger picture. Once you two are able to evolve spiritually that’s the whole point of the twin flame separation. So you can now have a twin flame reunion, help each other become your greatest version.

Advice — Don’t try to put your own reasoning behind why the separation happened, don’t start judging and pointing fingers, don’t start saying, my twin flame became a runner.

Pointing fingers or twin flame separation anxiety

=> They have some karmic debt they need to pay off
=> They’re a narcissist
=> They have commitment issues

Why the twin flame separation is happening?

The twin flame separation phase is happening because one or both of you need to grow and evolve spiritually so you can be a complement to one another, to help each other, become their greatest version.

b) Don’t let that affect your self-confidence or your self-worth.

Things to do during the Twin Flames separation of twinflame pain

First Tip

You want to do is heal, by loving yourself, pampering yourself giving yourself time. Try to detach a little bit.

=> Learn a lesson of patience
=> Learn a lesson of compassion
=> Learn a lesson of forgiveness by forgiving them for their past actions

Try to learn these lessons. Remember, your flame is meant to supplement your life not complete you.

Second Tip

You need to do it while you’re in twin flame separation or When twin flame separate has a sense of completeness because if you feel incomplete you’re out of alignment with completeness.

So you’re not going to attract completeness, you’re just going to attract more incompleteness or worse.

Note — Don’t attract the wrong people, have a sense of completeness there’s a lot of different ways to do that, you can do in meditation with your true divine eternal nature and that will give you a sense of completeness.

Third Tip

Try to detach a little bit, it’s not easy. Try your best to detach a little bit. Don’t go stalking them on social media or asking friends about him or her.

Advice — Work on yourself, heal yourself have a sense of completeness really focus on self-love and when you love yourself, you’re going to attract that twin flame love.

Fourth Tip

Soul Separation, Understand that if you guys are of the same soul then spiritually you could never truly be separated.

Note — If you really are from the same soul then you could never truly be separated.

When you go through this kind of break with your twin, there’s so much invalidation that occurs there, can be cracks in our auric field, chinks, and the tether.

Fifth Tip

Twins who do different types of healing work at a different stage that’s probably good, be the best place to start than over the time you’ll do other stuff, other types of healing. As you and your capacity expand, this sits differently in your heart you will find that you are capable of doing other work as well.

Advice — Love is the freedom it doesn’t compel or force another to be a certain way or do certain things.

Does it require that for you to feel loved?

Twin flame pain of being apart

Sixth Tip

Learn to live and love in the separation, it’ll be a new understanding of love as well as a new understanding of life. It won’t be diminished, it won’t be less but it will be different because it will be part of your new belief system.

Note — The old one did have to die it wasn’t for your highest good.

When twin flames separate this heartbreak is different than others you can’t force this heartbreak to be over with a cord-cutting, you can’t force yourself to move on with sex, you can’t fake your way over it by getting involved with someone else. These are not going to be possible for you after knowing the true nature of love.

Note — It’s going to take time in a different way when you’re ready to love again because your heart won’t be able to control it.

Seventh Tip

Build a baseline for yourself around because it will be studying your mind while the rest of this stuff changes and the baselines are a really big profound love different than anything else.

Note — Love has healed you in time and it’ll be, the things you’ll want to know, need to know at that point in time are very different than the things your soul feels.

It has a right to know now that’s just a reflection of our evolution, where we’re at and you heal, learn new things about love, yourself, and life you’re going to find. There are different things that you need to know from a third perspective.

Special Advice — Doing the thing that’s required at this point in time because vibrationally you’re tie-up, you’re one entity so as you rise in frequency as well as vibrationally you heal. Once you evolve it’s going to shift the way things feel that higher-self that’s just one is between you.

Note — Freeze your heart to allow your beloved counterpart to experience their lessons in a way that’s aligned and designed for them at present.

Hope it has helped ease some of the twin flame separation pain that some of you guys might be going through there, How to handle every twin flame separation challenge with ease using these tips.

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