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Stop feeling emotionally hurt so when we get rejected seems almost obvious. There’s something that occurs in between the rejection and the feeling of thoughts, How to restore my heart is broken.

Thoughts about rejection, so when we get rejected or somebody breaks up with us we begin to think two things.

Some of you might not be aware of what we’re thinking?

1) First, we guess why they broke up with and then,

2) We decide unconsciously that they must be right.

In other words, we make an assumption about what they think then we conclude their assumption must be true.

Living with a broken heart or assumptions like,

=> I’m not good enough

=> There’s something wrong with me

=> I’m not worthy of love

Once we have this negative thought about ourselves, once we believe that the air negative opinion is true we begin to feel hurt.

We’re essentially worsening our opinion of ourselves, we were feeling good about ourselves somebody loves me up with somebody or feeling about ourselves at least.

But when they reject us we have worse thoughts about ourselves those worsening thoughts create the feeling of hurt or the feeling of heartbroken.

The remedy for a broken heart

1) Stop feeling hurt, in our relationships or in life we don’t match one person’s definition of perfect doesn’t mean we’re not perfect just because we don’t fit in somebody else’s hole, their definition of perfect doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with us it just means we don’t fit their definition of perfect.

It’s just a matching of concepts, everybody has different concepts about what is right or what is wrong, what is beautiful, and what is ugly. We all have entirely different concepts.

So just because we don’t match somebody’s definition of perfect it doesn’t mean we’re actually imperfect and there’s something wrong with us.

Advice — Everyone has different concepts about what they value what they’re looking for and what they want right so we can’t be good enough.

Those ideas just existing as concepts in our minds they don’t exist as facts, everyone has different ideas.

Note — Doesn’t matter what anyone says or what anyone thinks because their opinion doesn’t mean anything it’s not valid.

Mending broken hearts

2) Different methods, strategies, and approaches that you can use really heal or restore after heartbreak because the truth is there are no perfect answers the truth is time doesn’t heal everything.

We have to try out different experiments, different tests to Restore broken hearts.

Strategies that heal from heartbreak or heal the issue.

Sometimes we focus on dealing with stuff when what really needs to be is the healing work that needs to go on, it takes a bit more time as well as a bit more effort.

Reason behind heartbreak

a) Cheating specifically it’s probably one of the hardest breakups to go through because it’s one of those that sometimes are unexpected totally unseen. It leaves the hardest dent in our self-worth, our pride, and our self-confidence because we now are comparing ourselves to someone else.

b) Lost interest, this one’s tough too because you don’t get any closure, you don’t get any answers you don’t get any reasons.

It’s probably one of the toughest ones as well, this one leaves a lot of space for healing.

c) Distance, there’s some distance it requires a different method of healing.

Remember, someone, leaving you does not define your self worth it’s called self-worth, it’s not called other worth it’s not called they’re worth it’s called you’re worth, it’s self-worth.

Self-worth’s something only you can define, it’s not defined by how someone treats you, at that moment they start to undervalue yourself, at that moment you may start to not recognize yourself as worth it.

Note -Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.

Mended Broken Hearts

Short Term Method

1) Negative reappraisal, thinking negative thoughts, or saying negative things about your ex decreased love feelings but also made people feel more terrible in general they gave rise to an unpleasant feeling.

When we talk badly about someone, of course, it makes us like them less or love them less but it can lead to deeper feelings of mistrust, deeper feelings of pain that we don’t actually deal with by just thinking badly about them.

Note — In the short term it can lead to a benefit of reducing your love feelings, it’s not an ideal long-term strategy because it can still fill you with that negativity.

Remember, when you’re fixated on someone’s negativity you become that negativity.

Advice — Consistently focus and keep thinking about someone’s negative attributes, their negative qualities, their negative characteristics, you start embodying them in your life.

Fixed Broken Hearts

2) Accepting your love feeling for someone else didn’t really lower the feelings of love or increase a long-term or short-term feeling.

In any other way, accepting the feelings you had for love didn’t really cause a shift either way.

3) The distraction didn’t change feelings but made people feel happier so when you distracted yourself from your breakup without addressing it, it didn’t change your feelings of love but it made you happier in the short term fixed my broken heart.

This is a short-term coping mechanism because it’s actually you’re avoiding the actual issue, you’re not really healing it you’re not really dealing with it but you’re just distracting yourself.

Advice — Initially when you break up distracting yourself can be useful because it just gets you outside of your own head.

Healing Your Heart

Long term Methods

1) You have to recognize and address every emotion when you don’t give an emotion the attention it deserves it actually amplifies.

Feel every motion but convert them into labels articulate them effectively learn how to see the patterns in your emotions and express them and explain them to yourself.

Start to grow and articulate your emotions to yourself, listen back to them you’ll immediately be able to figure out what the real issue is, what the real challenge is and what’s venting the anger and the complaining.

Advice — It’s so important to feel with every emotion to heal it because when you feel it then you start to articulate it, you start to label it, and understand it that’s part of the healing process, the remedy for a broken heart.

2) Learning from the situation, you have to focus on what you can learn from that heartbreak or that breakup. It’s so easy to focus on how incredible it was, how romantic it was, how amazing it was.

A no to focus on what we’re left with, we like to replay the emotions in our mind, again and again, it’s so important that we learn through reality, and one of my biggest lessons around this space is when someone shows you their true colors don’t try to repaint them.

This is one of the biggest mistakes we make when we don’t want to learn from the situation.


3) Expectation setting, this is such a huge principle a lot of our love is based on movies, you can love the movies but you can’t live by them. The words like spark chemistry we expect our partners to know how we feel without telling them.

Sometimes we expect them to completely read our minds but when they can’t we feel like our love is not real we feel like it’s not good enough. So important that in a breakup or heartbreak we use that reality to set realistic expectations.

Advice — It’s better to have realistic expectations together than have false expectations on your own, so many times a breakup or a heartbreak is a real reality check our expectations of an ideal relationship.

Healed Heart

4) Dependency when we have a relationship, we almost wrap our identity around our relationship with that individual. When we no longer have that person we feel, we no longer have that part of our identity.

Where in being single in our heartbreak, we can start to improve our dependency and community. we want one person to fulfill all our needs and when we put that pressure onto someone not only do, but we also push them away we now create a vacuum in our lives.

This is one of the most dangerous things to do in any relationship so this is a great time in your life to start attracting the people you want to be in your life forever.

Advice — Start surrounding yourself and finding people who fulfill different things in your life.

Use this time to build those relationships to start new ones, start making yourself whole, and recognizing yourself. Didn’t just lose half of you.

You are already full, you don’t need someone to complete you, you don’t need to be with someone who makes you happy, you need to be someone who makes you happy and that starts by building your own community.

Move on after heartbreak is please wait before dating if you don’t heal you bleed all over your future.

Because we’re still trying to heal our past pains, we bleed all over this new individual that causes so much hurt, it causes so much regret and pain, wait before dating to finding someone else.

Advice — When you wait before dating, you work on yourself you build your own self-worth, you build your own self-confidence this is your time to really invest in yourself.

Special Advice — It’s so important for us to learn from that situation when we ask ourselves what can I learn from this we avoid making that mistake in the future. love is to feel and act lovingly.

These methods deeply helped you and are useful to you that How To Restore My Heart Is Broken, if you are suffering in the same situation just write to us at Games in love.



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