If He Likes Me Why Is He Still Online Dating

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Both male and female have recently expressed their feelings on online dating apps, they meet a lot of people online on one of dating sites like OkCupid match, tinder, and many more but many females are worried, If he likes me why is he still online dating.

He’s there for the wrong reasons because he’s bored, has nothing better to do and he has no intention of actually meeting someone.

One major question is, how serious he is?

How to know if he really likes you

It’s the amount of effort that he is putting into every stage of their interaction with you online. The amount of effort will determine in many cases how serious that person is about their dating life.

Specific examples,

a) From the early stages of your interaction with him you meet online, let’s go back as early as his dating profile, does his profile look like it took a lot of effort to make or no effort to make, It’s easy to tell how to do the pictures look, do they look in silly selfies.

What about the profile, is it empty or is it written in a very boring way or does it look like the person who created a profile put some time and effort into writing something interesting and different.

Remember, the more effort it looks like the profile took to create, the more serious that person is likely to be about meeting you.

b)The initial email exchange, whether he responded to what you had to say to him, is he asking you questions about you, is he curious about you or he’s just brushing off your questions with brief answers.

That’s it and gives you no opportunity to develop a conversation, the more eager and excited he sounds in his emails to you the more serious he probably is about meeting you to develop a relationship.

He still checks his dating profile

When found him updating new pictures on dating apps, that was a side he was still looking for more options. Are you still confuse or didn’t know how to clarify that guy I’m dating still on dating sites.

A lot of you who are using dating apps might have experienced is he into me or using me because I remember, my friend also experiences the same when she used to check the profile of the guy she was dating and interested in from time to time.

When she wasn’t sure where they were and sometimes she feels hurt, is he into me or using me. When she saw him updating new pictures on dating apps to her, it was a sign that he was still active and he was still looking for more options.

As a girl, she didn’t know how to clarify, If he likes me why is he still online dating. She didn’t want to ask, as it like too pushy.

This question needs to be discussed at two angles,

1) If you just met this person for about two or three months you see each other on a regular basis maybe once a week or a few times a month, it takes to each other quite often there’s a good fall between you both.

In this case, I would say is still too early to say or to commit to someone and it’s reasonable for your date. But if he’s still actively changing his profile pictures on dating apps since you both are still in feeling each other out kind of face, so maybe you just need to be a little bit more patient and see where this takes you.

2) If you’ve been dating this person for about four months or more than three months, you see each other quite often but he’s still updating his profile pictures, this three-month mark then maybe he wants to keep his options open.

Note — For some people, three months is flowing enough for them to figure it out and know if they want to be exclusive with someone. But for some people, it’s kind of a slow type they need a longer time to get to know more about this person before they can decide.

Why is my boyfriend still on online dating sites

They want to be exclusive so don’t be discouraged if you see your date still online dating or updating their profile picture.

Note — If your date is a slow type of person then you just need to give him and yourself a long time to figure it out.

The best real example, one of my friends who stayed took almost one year before he has her to officially be his girlfriend but during that period he wasn’t dating anyone else he’s just a slow type that needs a longer time to figure it out and then come in.

Now they have been happily together for many years, this is extremely accessible but I just want to stress the fact that everyone in each case is different. Dating apps can roughly divide guys into two groups,

1) The relationship type of guys, it usually doesn’t take them too long before they decide if they want to be exclusive with someone.

On the other hand,

2) The guy they just want to keep dating, see what’s out there. They are not ready to be exclusive or settle down with anyone, there’s no right or wrong.

We shall have our own options and choice about dating also these two types have nothing to do with their age they can be like at the age of 23.

They cannot wait to find someone to start a family together or they could be at their age of 39 they still wanna date around what’s out there.

All based on if your date is equally interested in you if your date doesn’t really communicate with you regularly or sometimes he disappears on you for no reason, its kind of on and off a type of situation then these are the signs that he’s just not into you.

In this case, you don’t even need to be bothered asking to be inclusive because that’s a totally different story so now you might think,

=> How do I ask him if I really want to know?

So, if you’re still in the 1 to 2 month period, in my opinion, is still too early to ask but if you’ve been dating this guy for about 3 to 7 months and you just cannot wait any longer.

You can do it, it might be a little bit anxious or sound a little bit pushy if you ask the guy you are dating or if he’s dating someone else so before you ask a question you need to get yourself ready for his answers.

=> He might say, I’m not sure I think I might need a little bit more time to figure it out.

If he gives you a very vague answer like this, either he really needs more time or he just doesn’t want to tell you the truth.

Advice — In this case, it’s your call, what to do and how you feel at this moment if you really like this person then don’t mind waiting for a little bit longer, maybe you can give it one or two more months.

If he answers your question kind of sketchy or not genuine and he doesn’t even help you to understand how he feels then maybe it’s time to move on.

Or maybe you’ll be surprised about his positive feedback, he might say,

=> Oh I enjoy dating with you as well, do you feel about a relationship, actually, I like you a lot I want to be exclusive with you too, signs he likes you online.

You never know until you ask but before you ask this question you really need to ask yourself how you feel about this person and why is he with me, if you aren’t sure either then why not wait for a little bit longer before you throw the ball to the other person.

Dating is like a dance you need to know when to pool and when to let go but you won’t know until you have enough experiences until you date enough.

People fail a couple of times and being in a few relationships that’s how we all learn. Thus encourage yourself, go out, and date. Learns from that trial-and-error so you can grow.

Special Advice — The amount of effort, that’s a very reliable indicator or sign, how serious a person is about finding someone to date, love, and have a long-term relationship.

The more effort the person shows, the more serious they are about meeting someone and if they show no effort it means they’re probably there because for the same reason.

So forth they’re bored, they want some company, they want to chat but they don’t really care to go very far beyond that.

Hope this would clear your doubt If he likes me why is he still online dating, are you wondering the same just share your views at Games in love.



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