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As per our previous relationship advice Part 1, 2 & 3 we discussed how you can make your relationship love life deep as well as passionate by giving you examples of our own love bond salty talks.

Here, we come at our last part of relationship advice where you get to know how to keep your relation away from daily issues & challenged within Games in love.

The lovely lines said by — “Steve Maraboli”

“ Let’s not forget it’s you and me vs. the problem…
Not you vs. me”

Mia: the last tip, which is very specific as well. It’s something that I think … I don’t know many other couples who do this, but I think it something that’s really worked well for us. So, what is your last tip, our last final tip together, for the healthy- relationship love and sunshine.

James: My final tip-
Mia: Yes.

James: … for a good strong relationship.
Mia: Yes.

James: … is to check in regularly.
Mia: Check-in means

James: We have a check-in. This means that you are planning a day or a date where you are going to talk about important things about vision of love
Mia: Yes.

James: So if you check in with each other, maybe you ask, How are you feeling? How are you feeling about-
Mia: Your week.

James: the school our kid is going to, or, How do you feel about… Yeah, how do you feel about the week?
Mia: How was your week…. last week?

James: You are checking in.
Mia: Yes.

James: This is, “check-in” can be a lot of different things. A lot of times, if you see check-in, it just means that you are going to a hotel. They are going to write to you at the hotel. But here we’re talking about emotionally. But if you emotionally check in with each other, or it might not even be emotional. It could be the kind of things you are doing in the week, maybe a little more pragmatic love and happiness at games in love.
Mia: So the specific way this plays out. We have an organized meeting.

James: We call it a meeting. It’s not really a meeting.
Mia: It’s organized. I think that sometimes on a date, you just eat together as well as talk together about anything love my husband, but I really appreciate that it’s organized because we’re talking about before letting your anger build up. This is a terrible thing for you. It’s terrible for our relationship. But I know every Sunday we’re going to have a meeting. So if there is something big that I want to talk about, I can talk about it all for love … of course I can talk about it at that moment if I wanted to.

James: Would you say check-in is to analyze?
Mia: Oh, we could analyze our week.

James: If we’re checking in.
Mia: Checking in with each other around games in love.

James: It could have some analysis. Analyzation?
Mia: Sure, you can analyze each other.

James: You can analyze.
Mia: or analyze your week.

James: Yeah, it’s more just a time to really all of my love… Its where you say it’s okay to talk about maybe the problems of the week or how you felt. so, for example, in our check-in time, we always rate the week one to five.
Mia: Let’s talk about how we start. So, on the weekend, in the morning, we usually drink some coffee, sit down at the dinner table. What’s the first thing that we do? This is just what we created at games in love.

James: This is what we do.
Mia: Yeah.

James: So first, we try to say two things that we appreciate about each other my love in Italian.
Mia: Something very specific.

James: We try to say something nice about each other.
Mia: Because often, maybe there is some kind of criticism. Oh, I was really upset because you didn’t do the laundry for three days. There’s can be some things that are a little bit difficult that we talk about, so it’s always good to start with something positive. Thus always say something positive and attractive for your partner.

So for us, we say, I appreciate that you made an amazing dinner last night. I conjointly was extremely glad that you just took our automotive to the mechanic to get the oil changed. Okay, simple, clear, very specific. For me, it feels-

James: women like this a lot.
Mia: It feels really good. It feels really good because I know that I do a lot of things, I also know that James doesn’t ought to say, Thank you for picking up our baby’s toys. Thank you for doing this. Many thanks for doing this.

James: Yes.
Mia: He does not ought to say many thanks for everything it’s loud Krazy love.

James: I appreciate this.
Mia: yea.

James: Yeah, you don’t go through everything. Simply select 2 specific things.
Mia: therefore it makes me feel good.

James: Wow. I really appreciated that you just watched Noah. Noah our baby. I appreciate you watched Noah for 2 hours while I went to a movie, For example.
Mia: whereas I exercised. Thank you.

James: Wow. That was extremely nice of you.
Mia: And it feels sensible to be appreciated. So, this is what we do at the very beginning of ‘games in love’.

So always appreciate your loved ones to make them feel special to build a strong relationship.

“Love in such a way that the person you love feels free”

By, Thich Nhat Hanh

Then, what happens next?

James: Then we tend to rank our week, right? 1 to 5, how was our week? My week was 3.7 Mia: why?

James: so why?

Mia: What happened?

James: yea, well, blah, blah, blah. You re-examine what likable concerning the week, what you did not like, how it could be better. So if you are doing this weekly, then you’re quite … you’re checking in with one another. Then, you’re thinking, Well, what could make the next week a little better. You re-examine the week. Go over doesn’t suggest literally over. You are entering into detail concerning the week. I rate this past week a 3.9 because this happened, however conjointly this happened. It helps you to quite review the week.

Then, if something made you feel negative, it’s a good time to say, Oh, however, I did not sleep enough. I felt therefore tired all week. So, maybe this week I m going to try to do something better to make love. How can we tend to work together? It’s sort of a meeting. I feel it’s like a meeting.

Mia: It’s pretty organized, but-

James: once more, another … an extra disclaimer this is very important for us because we have a very open schedule. We don’t have traditional jobs. So if you don’t have a conventional job, if you’re an entrepreneur, if you spend a lot of time working together, like we’ve to figure together-

Mia: lots for everything.

James: So, we’re nearly like business partners, really. It’s important to do this. Some other people, I think you could do this maybe once a month because maybe the man is working here and the woman’s there, they are a little more separate. You know, that’s okay, too.

Mia: one thing that we regularly do throughout this meeting, we’ve lost a little bit, but for about two maybe three years, once a month throughout that meeting, we tend to keep track of our budget. I know that “money fights” are often the biggest problems in relationships.

James: You should talk about money. If you are married, you got to talk about money.

Mia: One thing that has been good for us is we have an excel spreadsheet. This is quite elaborated into our personal amazing love life, however, we have an excel spreadsheet at the end of the month we look at our bank account. Okay, here’s a grocery purchase, that we place it within the excel spreadsheet we add up. We spent this much money on groceries. We add up. We spent this much on automotive gas. After you will check up on the numbers, it helps you along to envision the facts. It’s not me being upset because we spent too much money, James being upset because I bought something.

James: Yes.

Mia: No, we just see the facts.

James: And this would be a situation where you cannot blame or build excuses in love art. Mia: yea, because these are the facts. So, I feel like, for me, I really like to save lots of cash. James does not spend very much money either, however, he doesn’t-

James: spend more money than you.

Mia: He spends a bit bit more than me. We’re quite similar in that we don’t spend a lot of money. But for me, it feels so nice to see our money on a paper to know, Okay, we can …
It gives me permission to go out to a restaurant. It’s fine. It gives me permission to relax a little bit. or maybe for you, if your finances are tight, If one among you, your husband, or your better half spends a great deal of cash, this is a good way to be clear and honest in your relationship which makes beautiful love wonderful life so look at your finances together.

I know that a lot of people don’t do this though when they do this, it gives so much relaxation. It relieves so much stress because usually, one person in your relationship feels more stressed about money than the other person. So, it’s very nice to be on a similar page. This is a good expression. You’re on a similar heart love page.

James: We’re on a similar page. We agree with-

Mia: affirmative.

James: That’s primarily what it suggests that.

Mia: It simply suggests that you both agree. I want to be on the same page with you, so let’s check in with each other once a week. Let’s do some fun activities along. Let’s go hiking together try to have fun that relieves our stresses. So, these our general relationship tips of everlasting young love.

James: I would simply say remember number one tip. That’s the foremost necessary.
Mia: make sure you’re an honest match. James: Get within the relationship with the correct person. Because let’s say you want to talk about money. It’s going to be very hard to talk about money with somebody who is irresponsible with money. So, you have to make sure the person you are getting in a relationship with is already good with money. Otherwise, it’s going to be — -

Mia: Quite difficult.
James: … even more challenged.

Mia: Yes.

James: But, that to say it’s not impossible. You might be in a relationship with someone who’s not smart with cash. You can still work something out.

Mia: I believe that one thing for us if we have … Let’s imagine, hypothetically, that I m really bad with cash, and James is really smart with cash. If James is really involved concerning this, it's probably a problem anyway. However if James really cares about it, he can’t … is also I’m staring at my phone. He can’t say to me all of a sudden, Hey! Why did we’ve got this purchase? What are you doing? I m not within the right mental attitude to discuss this.

So, I want one thing that’s worked for us once there’s a problem that’s really important to one of us, saying, Hey, when you have a moment, can we talk about something really important. I saw this purchase here and it’s extremely necessary to me that we talk about it. Be serious. It’s necessary for you, so, don’t simply have … Make sure you have an emotional regulation.

Do not simply explode concerning it, but say, Hey, this is often extremely necessary. will we tend to speak about it? look at the eyes of each other. Look at each other say, Hey, this is really important to me. will you please go through our finances? Let’s go through our bank account and make a list to see how much we’re spending. This would extremely be necessary for me. Try to appeal to their care for you.

James: cares for me and I care for her.

Mia: So if he says, this is often therefore necessary to me. Let's please talk about it, of course, so this is love.
I want James to be not stressed. If you just said, Hey, what are you doing? then I’m doing one thing else, it’s just going to create an argument because my mind is not there. James’s emotional regulation is everywhere. So, taking a moment, Can we really talk about this? This is so important to me.

James: Yeah,
Mia: Yeah, yeah. That’s really-

James: that may facilitate, too. You don’t wish to speak. You want to point out stuff within the moment all of a sudden. That really helps with games in love.

So, the reason why we wanted to share about this kind of topic, through our personal relationship advice, is for two reasons.

1) Balanced relationships is always a mark of a good relationship where both male as well as female respect each other to raise the relationship diagram.

2) Through our casual daily chitchat, you can also take your relationship life more seriously, where you can understand relationship facts in a better way with the help of our relation tips. We talk about a lot of things in our conversation, something, really personal, sharing that with all of you strangers.

If you guys would implement these tips then your relationship skills will definitely be improved in a good way. By adding this little advice your entire love life changed into relationship friendship. Just share your views and changes at games in love.

We are always open to expanding growing, and strengthening our relationship, but also for other people it’s interesting to see what worked for you, maybe what didn’t work for you. So, we hope that this has been useful to you.



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