Simple Advice to Avoid Ending Up With The Wrong Person

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If someone had just purchased a car, they would very certainly have taken it for a test drive first. This would have allowed them to learn more about it and determine if it was a good fit for them, Simple advice to avoid ending up with the wrong person.

They would have also most likely asked several questions about the vehicle. After all, this was a major decision, so it’s a good thing they did their homework and didn’t just pick any automobile.

Being With The Wrong Person

A Distinctive Approach

While someone may be cautious about the car they purchase, this may not be the case when it comes to who they begin a relationship with. As a result, even though this is a vital aspect of their lives, they may act as if it isn’t.

If individuals operate in this manner when purchasing an automobile, they may wind up purchasing a vehicle that is either risky or merely attractive from the exterior. In any case, they will have made a poor decision.

Signs You re With The Wrong Person

The Most Important Factor

Someone like this may discover that as long as another person appears attractive, it is sufficient for them to proceed. The impact of this person’s appearance on them will cause them to enter a condition of altered consciousness, which will impair their capacity to think properly.

Signs You’re With The Wrong Person

The Hallo Factor

One will perceive the other person through rose-colored glasses because of their attractiveness. ‘They seem beautiful, so every other aspect of them must also be good’ they may say if they were to articulate what is going on inside them.

The person will not be taking a substance that impairs their capacity to think rationally, but it will appear as if they are. One will have placed the other on a pedestal, implying that they will have a long way to go.

Signs You re With The Wrong Person

There are two extremes

As time passes, it may become evident that their original impressions of the other person were based on a sliver of truth. They would have been in heaven at one point in time but would be in hell at another.

Something like this would be enough if it happened only once, but when it happens regularly, it is likely to cause a lot of agonies. However, it would be inaccurate to suggest that this is always what happens when someone meets the incorrect person repeatedly.

Wrong Person

Another Possibility

On the other hand, one can notice that they are drawn to persons who appear to be strong and capable. They will initially believe they are with someone who will treat them nicely, only to discover that this person is domineering.

When this happens, the other person will appear to have all the proper characteristics at first, but over time will transform into someone else. They may wonder if they have a sign on their head that says ‘controlling folks only’ because of the number of people they have been around who are like this.

Loving The Wrong Person

The Numerator and the Common Denominator

Although someone who is constantly with the wrong person may find it difficult to see the bright side of things, the good news is that they will be the one who keeps turning up. This suggests that they will have to adapt to attract someone different.

The area in which they will most likely need to change is their inner world changing their looks in any way, for example, is unlikely to be the solution. Changing a car’s appearance is unlikely to improve its performance, and changing its appearance is unlikely to address the situation.

Note — WE DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE SAYING, this dilemma is exacerbated by the fact that others are locked at the same low level of self-awareness as we are. They, too, are unable to comprehend, let alone inform us, what is wrong with them, no matter how well-intentioned they may be. Naturally, we attempt to get to know them. We pay a visit to their families, possibly to the school where they initially attended. We look at their images and get to know their pals.

Loving The Wrong Person

One Alternative

If someone is unwilling to look at what is going on inside of them and how it is affecting this aspect of their lives, they can enlist the support of their friends. When one meets someone they think is a good fit, they can invite one of their friends to spend time with them on various occasions.

The problem with this strategy is that the other person may put on a show at first, and one’s friend may not be a good judge of character. On the other hand, if one begins to heal their wounds, it becomes easier to recognize other people for who they are rather than projecting so much upon them.

Signs You’re With The Wrong Person

Dive Right In

Furthermore, they will progressively lose their attraction to persons who are detrimental to their health. Many of the wounds they will have to deal with are the result of events that occurred when they were children.

What happened at their birth, in the womb, and what was passed down the generations can all influence the type of person they are drawn to as adults. Dealing with this baggage will take time, but they will succeed if they are patient and persistent.

Note — WE ARE NOT USED TO HAPPINESS, we think we’re looking for happiness in love, but it’s not that straightforward. What we appear to be seeking at times is familiarity, which may hamper whatever happiness intentions we may have. Some of the sentiments we had as children are recreated in adult relationships.

We first learned and understood what love was when we were children. However, the lessons we learned might not have been straightforward. It’s possible that the love we experienced as children entangled with other, less pleasant dynamics: being controlled, feeling humiliated, and so on.

Falling In Love With The Wrong Person


If someone wants to make a change in this aspect of their life, they may need to seek outside help.

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