Stages of Dating -The Thing Called Love

When we freshly start to date someone it’s a mixed feeling that how to interact with someone, or you can say much-confused coz it’s our new admiration. Every relationship starts from Dating or you can say Dating is a starting of every relationship at Games in love, through these stages of dating you and your partner will decide about your future commitments.

During the first couple of dates, the time between these meet up days seemed to rush by in a blur of passion & excitement. we’re so caught up in the thrill of meeting someone new that we can’t even step back from these cool stuff games in love.

The process of what’s going on although we might feel lost in this whirlwind of emotions, our relationships usually stick to a pretty common formula. Here are a few stages that almost all relationships will follow, whether it’s newly dating or been already running

1) Attraction

Attraction in dating relationship first begins when we set eyes on our new partner although we haven’t started dating yet, we feel an undeniable pull towards this enchanting new person at this point you might walk up, introduce yourself who knows you might even start flirting dropping a compliment oh I love it.

Initial Stage “Social Media”
This initial stage might not even take place before some years, but now many people meet new people on social media or through a dating app.

How you can meet someone through a dating site?
There’s been a lot of site for dating available nowadays on social media, through which you can easily approach a person by viewing his/her profile, photo, likes & dislikes. If the profile meets both of your interests, then the dating been started online, without wasting a single second, sounds cool know…

We will also come up with there advantages & disadvantages for you in our next article so let’s back to our stages now, moving to our second dating stage,

2) Insights About

The second stage is “learning more about them”, once we’re attracted to someone,
We usually feel a desire to learn more about them,

A) Sometimes we discover more about this person through conversation.
B) Occasionally, we learn more about them after checking out their social media profiles better,

Yet we might even ask mutual friends for more juicy details about this new person all of this new information helps us decide whether or not they’re good, what types of love it is…

3) Comfort & Trust

The third stage, building comfort, and faith, it’s a most powerful aspect to get along with someone inside games in love,

It’s identified as a major stage in all relationships this is when both partners start to let their guards down testing the waters to see if the relationship might be stable along with sustainable in the future or meet the trust issues.

During this stage, it helps the partner’s to test that they are

=> Honest
=> Nonviolent
=> Forgiving
Interestingly, some researchers stated that “physical touch” is “incredibly effective” when it comes to building trust in love life.

4) Dating Out

The fourth stage is actually going on dates, at this point we go on dates regularly in previous stages we might have been a little unsure about our partner but now we’ve settled into a comfortable rhythm of dating.

Consistently enjoying each other’s company as we date more and more both partner’s build a stronger connection of love, based on mutual interests like:

=> Trust
=> Attraction

By the end of this stage, we’re comfortable with being vulnerable around them.

So positive affection till now, I also being through these stages, almost 8 years dating experience huh great tickling feeling…

5) Seduction

The fifth stage is seduction or tempting, as I saw in various relationships, seduction is one of the final stages at Games in love, this is where we truly open ourselves to the possibility of passionate intimacy in love.

According to researchers women’s need more time to develop this emotional love connection when compared to men.

When we reach this stage, we stop thinking of ourselves as a singular being instead we start to become one with our partner.

We feel their emotions and understand their experiences on a deeper level for a life time love as if they were our own part. It’s a bond of all expressions that include-

=> Emotional
=> Love
=> Sad
=> Joy
=> Romance
=> Anger

When all these emotions mix together, then your dating connection converts into a “strong emotional relationship connection”.

6) Honeymoon Phase

This stage is the honeymoon love connection phase, some of you probably familiar with this phase of a relationship, the first six months or so love on top everything seems new in a relationship, like a fresh amazing feeling inside games in love a lot of excitement huh…

Yet, as time passes all the eagerness would fade away like a clouded sky, you also don’t believe once entered into a new relationship that this could happen. Within the first few months of a relationship, these levels were very high resulting in feelings of zeel, reduced stress.

But after a year or two, the levels have returned to normal like a memory love this suggests that relationships are only truly tested after the honeymoon stage is over, Don’t be disheartened, a dating relationship is a mixture of all these stages so everyone faces each & every stage to turn their dating love into eternal love.

Moving to the seventh one,

7) Distrustful

The seventh stage refers to the doubting phase this is the make-or-break stage love for relationship doubts, usually start to creep in after a few years, making it this far is a real accomplishment but the biggest hurdle is yet to come. You need to overcome all of these doubts if you want the relationship to succeed.

Note — No one is perfect in the entire world we all knew, doubt is a usual affection. All relationship connections must undergo this stage at some point. So don’t be tense it’s a part of human nature as well.

The partner might start worrying about the unknown future their individual career paths and interests whether or not their partner fits into all of this, if it’s not meant to be it’ll become obvious during this stage of relationship. Sometime we may be over possessive for our partners so it’s a common feeling.

In this current age of social media, it’s very easy to start comparing our own relationship status to other perfect couples. we see online, this makes the stage of doubts even tougher to get through in modern times.

8) Commitments

The eighth stage is commitments and stability once you reach this stage you’re home free after many years, you completely love unconditionally with each other, you know each other better than any other person on earth.

When a dating connection enters into this stage both partners seems, “moderate, joyful, cozy”

You regularly find yourself predicting each other’s actions, knowing what to say to comfort your partner during stressful times. Most importantly you don’t take each other for granted during Games in love.
and feels like,

A) You’re happy with the direction of the relationship
B) You might even start building projects, creating things together

Which brings excitement between both of you.

Wish our dating stages help you, Hope you agree with our eight stages of dating if we left anything out be sure to let us know in the below comments box, as we tried to meet your expectation.

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