What Does It Mean/Look Like To Hold Space For Someone

If you have a friend who is going through a difficult time, you could end up asking them how to get through it. They will then attempt to repair or rescue this individual at this stage, What does it mean/look like to hold space for someone.

It won’t be enough to simply be there for this person they’ll have to go above and beyond. So, regardless of whether their friend wanted them to do that or not, they went ahead and did it. This position will be filled by someone. The way they do things is called their modus operand.

Holding space meaning

We open our hearts, give unconditional encouragement, and let go of judgment and power while we keep space for others. We may find ourselves holding space for others while they hold space for themselves.

Holding Space

Clearly, one would have a strong bond with their masculine aspect, the part of them that is concerned with action. Their feminine aspect, the part of them that has to do with being, maybe offline much of the time.

One might assume that it is their responsibility to lead others and that this is also what others expect of them.

Holding the Space

Even so, this does not guarantee that their friend would approve of their actions.

1) Excessive
It’s possible that their friend would feel as though they weren’t really cared for. Instead, it might seem as if someone was more concerned with directing them down a certain path than with understanding what they were going through.

As a consequence, it’s not surprising that this individual feels neglected and unimportant. This may be unable to tell someone what they are going through in the future, preferring to open up to someone who will simply be there for them.

Hold Someone

2) Back Leaning
If one learns of the consequences of their actions, it can be difficult to comprehend what is going on. In their opinion, the most effective way to help someone else is to give them advice.

Being present for another person can seem to be a complete waste of time. It might be important for them to investigate why they believe this and to determine whether or not their beliefs are based on fact.

Holding space for others

3) Taking a closer look
They can discover that part of them believes their worth is based on what they do for others after reflecting on why they act in this way. As a result, they will not respect you unless you do anything for them.

Furthermore, they may find that being in the company of people who are not in a good mood or who express their feelings makes them feel uneasy. As a result, doing what they can to alleviate another person’s distress prevents them from feeling inner distress.

Person holding Someone

4) A Different Approach
With all of this going on inside of them, it’ll be difficult for them to be involved when someone else is going through a difficult time. They’ll have to take action to keep themselves from being engrossed in the experience.

Now, one might choose to be present for another person rather than doing something, but unless one can actually be present, this would only be another strategy. Instead of simply being present, one would do everything possible to be present.

5) The First Section
It could be said that the first move is to be able to hold space for oneself, after which it will come naturally to hold space for others. When they are able to do this for themselves, it would entail being in touch with their emotions.

This means they won’t have to alter or suppress what’s going on in their lives. So, just as a loving parent will be there to comfort their child, a part of them will be there to comfort their emotional selves.

How to hold space for Someone

6) A Powerful Methodology

When this occurs, their intellect will no longer be needed to convert their negative feelings into positive feelings, and they will be able to relax. They cannot put any more energy into what is going on inside them if they are present with their emotional selves and do not fight what is happening?

This would prevent them from feeding into what is going on inside of them, making it much more difficult for them to cope with their emotions. And if they can’t handle what they’re going through, they’ll be able to find someone who can.

Note — Without someone to keep space for us, it’s almost impossible to be a good space holder. Also, the most powerful leaders, coaches, nurses, and other professionals need the assurance that there are certain people for whom they can be insecure and frail without fear of being judged.

Holding space for others

7) The Next Step

They can understand how powerful it is to be able to keep room for themselves once they have the courage to do so. They will be in their bodies and listening in their hearts as they do something for others.

The other person will most likely sense their presence, which will provide them with the necessary help. During this time, one does nothing but be with those around them.

Note — Instead of taking away their strength, motivate them. We make people feel helpless and incompetent when we take decision-making control away from them.

Holding the Space

8) Several Advantages
However, while one will be doing nothing, the other will be getting exactly what they require. Since one is not invalidating the other person’s experience in any way, just being present will encourage them to feel seen and heard.

This individual will be able to share their feelings without fear of being judged or having their emotional experience ignored or minimized. This person will feel lighter, gain a new perspective, and feel more integrated after this has occurred.

Note — Allow them to fail in a safe environment. When people are learning, developing, grieving, or transitioning, they are inevitably going to make mistakes. When we, as their space holders, refrain from judging or shaming them, we give them the chance to look deep inside themselves for the courage to take chances and the perseverance to keep going even when they fail.

Holding someone up

9) Recognize
Having the opportunity to hold space is something that their friends, family, and spouse if they have one are likely to value. If it’s difficult for you to keep room for yourself, it may be a sign that you have some inner wounds to heal.

With the help of a therapist or healer, these inner wounds may be worked through. Working with someone who can hold space for them will allow them to go places they wouldn’t go alone, and their presence will grow as a result.

Advice — Give them unconditional love and encouragement, gentle advice when necessary, and reassurance even when they make mistakes.

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