What Men Really Think Of Your Dating Profile


1) PoF — The most dynamic of the three is this. You have a lot of details about yourself, likes and dislikes, what you are searching for, character, and there is even a chemistry test to complete for compatibility. In the hope of attracting the one person, you then add images of yourself, and write a detailed overview of about me,

Date chat lovers

a) Description of profile

Girls looking for love

A lot of ladies are looking for a gentleman who is attentive, loving, caring, etc, but when they get one, you find they are actually drawn to bad boys and find that they believe you have some kind of ulterior motive because you are too nice! No, I’m just who I am a very nice guy and a gentleman who wants to treat you right.

Effects of online dating

Statistics also demonstrate that this is valid they show that twice as many single individuals suffer from mental illness compared to married individuals, with single women being twice as likely to suffer from serious psychiatric conditions as single men.

What are men looking for

My own viewpoint on the whole thing of the profile is truthful photographs, showing not only my face but my whole clothed body, in clothes I like to wear and do regularly, in places I like to visit. In terms of definition, I clearly and succinctly define myself, my personality and I am frank about what I enjoy doing.



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