Who Should Say I Love You First

This is something that we kind of go back and forth on movies that have been made about it hopeless. Who should say I love you first.

Romantics, popular culture, and conventional wisdom says whoever feels that first must say it whether it’s girls saying I love you or boyfriend said I love you

Who says I love you first, It’s important that the man leads the emotional space of the relationship, men are the emotional gatekeepers of the relationship, and women are the sexual gatekeepers of the relationship.

This is all to do with masculine and feminine so it is the masculine energy that has to say it first.

So if you are the mass given to the relationship, if you are the woman that pursues the man you were the one to make the first move.

=>You are the one that asks them out for dates

You want the one, that provides the one, protects the one that cherishes is emotions, and the one that is after sensual sexual stimulation in the relationship.

A relationship is a great sex and a great sense of homeliness like he is able to provide home, the homely feeling then you are in the masculine, so if you’re pursuing being later you are in the masculine.

Advice — The person who wants you have to understand.

Who should say I love you first in a relationship, It’s all about an exchange of value relationships when we understand the value we bring when we understand the value we want we are better able to navigate with clarity safety, and get the right results at the end of the day.

Note — You have to ask yourself are you showing up as a feminine woman or a masculine woman if you’re showing up as a feminine woman then you must wait for the masculine to drive the emotional pace.

The masculine waits to attention for the feminine to give permission or to give pace to the sexual element of the relationship.

=> Ask yourself if I am the masculine that it’s perfectly fine for me to say I love you because I am driving this relationship.

But be very certain with the man you were speaking to is comfortable in his feminine energy.

Note — If you say that to a masculine man or if you begin to take the driver’s seat emotionally with a masculine man you are going to have competitive energy.

He’s gonna feel you’re stepping on him and chances are he will run away.

Advice — It’s really important ladies to have a hold of your emotions as well as feelings.

1) If you are the only person feeling it, maybe that a relationship is not right or the timing is not quite right so wait for him to say it first.

He said I love first, The truth be told is, if the relationship is healthy, the relationship is right, you’re compatible, you have great communication and you’re great with chemistry it’s really not gonna be a big deal because he’s going to open up and tell you that he loves you.

It’s so important that you don’t kill attraction by driving things emotionally.

He said I love you for the first time

A man coming out of his comfort zone, crossing the room to speak to a woman that he is capable of taking emotional responsibility for the relay, driving the emotional responsibility for the relationship so even if you were to meet online signaling him with a wave or a kiss or whatever to, let he knows that you’re available in interest and letting him speak first.

Allowing that man to be the man to show you that he can handle things emotionally, he can keep it together emotionally and he can make sure that you never have to take difficult emotional positions.

This is the work of the masculine to protect the emotions of the feminine.

When he says I love you first

We say I love you first that’s exactly what we get. If they are truly a man they do, this is why we’re gonna wait and let them say I love you,

a) You’re going to protect your heart — you’re gonna let the relationship unfold the way this meant to unfold,

b) You’re not going to throw out the I love you like some desperate life-saving measure.

c) You are going to realize you are worth the wait, you are worth him putting himself out there, worth him making those gestures.

Note- We deserved that specialness so wait let him say it and say it back if you feel it.

One of my friends just had her boyfriend, take a few months say it, she’s like I’m glad you feel that way she didn’t say back for a week but she was being true to herself and when she says I love you back he was like I appreciate that you meant it.

Advice — Take it easy if you feel like a guy saying it too fast.

Saying I love you first

Who said I love you first, it fascinates me to feel that people are out there who are so afraid of losing face or having their ego damaged you have to have the strength of character to look that other person in the eye.

Note — If you really feel that way, I need to tell you something I love you if the person comes back and says you I’m just stunned that you would say because I can’t really honestly tell you that I feel the same way.

Advice — If someone says to you, I don’t really feel the same way, then maintain your dignity you still have self-respect, don’t sit there and look crushed. Be you male or female when that happens it is going to happen, it happens to the best of us.

It may not be you at all, it may be them maybe they can’t commit or maybe they are insecure.

Note — I love you is that so hard, no hard part is being rejected you might be shocked oftentimes.

He said I love you

Often times a man holds it in well I’m not gonna say I love first that’s not the manly thing to do, it’s insecurity.

The manly thing to do is to tell them not to sit there and say well I’m a man, I’m not gonna tell her. Be a manly man and say,

=> I need to tell you something here’s how I feel about you, now if you like it fine, if you don’t like it then it’s ok.

But when they see that attitude they’re gonna takes a second look, hey this guy he’s in love with me maybe I don’t want to risk him, or maybe I failed to see some good things in him at least he had the courage to come up and tell me.

Advice- Do what you have to do at that point in time whether you’re a man or a woman, have the courage of your convictions to have the courage to tell the other I love you.

During the relationship, we have to determine how much synchronicity, calm, and flow the relationship has just sincerely said I love you this is how I feel about you a lot of people respect that.

Hope you got an idea Who should say I love you first, who said I love you first” in your relationship share your views at Games in love.



Games in love a place based on multiple types of games about the love between define relationship,unconditional love, heartbreak, Marriages, love advise.

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Games In Love

Games in love a place based on multiple types of games about the love between define relationship,unconditional love, heartbreak, Marriages, love advise.