Why Do Black Men Like Fat White Women

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The individual case is different and everybody has a certain preference, sometimes you have a black man who only dates a white woman and you see him with an overweight white woman so why do black men like fat white women.

When you meet someone, you’re normally into them because you’re into the person, you’re not like ooh that’s a fat white woman whoo that’s a black girl, that’s not how it goes.

You have to be into the person too now you can barely have your preference which is a thing that people have.

You see this quite often it’s not in all cases. Why are these men going after these big fat white women?

There’s a big difference between dating a white woman versus a black woman.

Why do black guys like fat white woman

1) Not Accepted in Community or Attention

Some of these guys were not accepted in the black community when they were growing up and some when they first go to college or get outside of that community the first world welcoming nice, to be really opening them normally are white women or white people.

Maybe black women weren’t trying to give attention, maybe white women were giving them attention because what happens a lot of times is in high school women give attention to the popular guys or the funny guys and black men don’t get as much attention.

When this happens, they’re like, oh my god I have a chance now it happens a chance now. It’s something different because you might go through thinking you’re a loser.

Thinking that you just will never meet anyone who likes you because you’re so hidden but then someone of a different culture who is not part of your culture might see you differently.

They’re more likely to give you an opportunity than someone else, they find you attractive may not be able to go found attractive but they just find you attractive.

So that’s why black men like fat white women

Black men fat white women

2) Culture Difference

There are major differences in our culture there’s a major in the major disparities of how we’re raised. Some of these black men have had bad experiences either with interacting with a black woman whether it be from the mother’s childhood, friends maybe a sister or it could be from an ex-wife or ex-girlfriend.

But these black men have had experiences interacting with a white woman as well. White women are more passive and if you have had experiences with black women that have been negative like,

=> Black woman a lot of them they don’t respect black men, they’re not submissive and right when I say submissive not about servitude it’s about treating a man like a layman not talking down on him, not talking to him like a child.

3) Attitude

Why do black guys like fat white chicks, they tend to go to white women because black women have attitudes? Some guys experience this attitude pointer in black women so they prefer white fat women.

We all know a lot of black women with attitudes but we also know some black women don’t have major attitudes. For instance,

One of my friend’s girlfriends is black, she is probably one of the best problem solvers. she handles the situation so well, I’ve never met anyone like her in my life.

Advice — How would you handle somebody that comes at you, it’s like there are different personalities for different people.

If you find a black woman that did not have an attitude, would you want to date her?

4) Treat a Relationship as an Independent

Letting a man be a man and some of these men have had experiences with black women who downgrade them don’t treat them like men, they don’t allow them to be men because they’re trying to be the man in the relationship.

This sometimes with a black woman, they want to be in a relationship but they want to be independent. Remember, you can’t be independent if you are in a relationship. You have to work together, you have to compromise you have to resolve conflict.

Black guy fat white girl

5) Difficulty with Dealing

Sometimes these black men have difficulty dealing with certain black women, you might think, well don’t you just find a good black woman, well some men live in different areas of the world and some men just don’t have good black women within their demographic.

So, they’ll go out, they’ll date, and get them a white woman whether or not she’s 300 pounds or 350 pounds just as long as he can have peace in the relationship which is why do black guys like fat white women.

Black men and fat white women these black men don’t bother about the looks, they want somebody that respects them, they want somebody that can treat them like a man.

Somebody who is not argumentative, pointing fingers talking in a condescending matter, that’s why do black men like fat women.

Advice — If you could have peace of mind, if you can have a relationship that’s predicated on love, understanding, and compromise then folded for the fact that she’s 300 or 250 pounds I don’t give a damn of, as long as I can have a prosperous peaceful relationship.

Love is love people, date each other because they care about each other.

Do black guys like fat white woman, Afcorse they do.

Black men who settle with an overweight white woman because of the personality they’d rather take an overweight white woman versus an insane black woman. They want peace, don’t want any stress and it’s the reason they deal with this overweight white woman.

Note — It was about standards, everybody should have standards but a person’s personality is more significant than looks.

Why do black men with fat white women

Because of honesty, they’re accepting, they want to talk to them, feeling interested that’s the answer.

Plenty of black men who have dated a white woman who are overweight, initially I didn’t understand but now I do understand that these types of a black women sitting down and indeed laugh at and wonder, Why do black guys like fat white girls and leaving them for overweight fat white women?

It’s because of their attitude, they don’t know how to respect a man, they want to be independent in a relationship. They need to be single notice because they don’t know how to talk to a man.

Remember, you should talk to a man like a child.

At times, black men getting embarrassed in public, black women embarrassing them in public talking to them pointing fingers at a face because these black men like fat women.

Why do black men date fat white women coz some black women feel like they have the privilege of hitting black men while you do nothing? Nobody wants to live like this, nobody wants to deal with all this crab.

Special Advice — Some people are just not attracted to white women, not attracted to black women, and not attracted to Asian women as well. There’s nothing wrong with that so my point is just, to be honest with yourself, you don’t have to be putting down a whole group of people.

Why do black men like fat white women, hope you got your answer, did you experience the same just share your views at Games in love.



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