Why Do I Still Love Him After He Cheated

He cheated on me but I miss him

Most women miss their ex at some stage in their lives. We miss the positive aspects of our marriage. We gave our time, resources, encouragement, and love in both large and small ways. We exchanged secrets and intimacies, as well as the difficult issues that come with any long relationship. It’s possible that we’ll have children together.

I still miss him

Someone might say, I’m ashamed about this, but I miss the husband I kicked out three weeks ago because of his affair. I understand that three weeks isn’t long at all and that having an affair is an unforgivable sin. But this will happen several times every single hour, and I’ll say to myself,

Why do I still miss him

I find myself hoping he could tuck the kids into bed, despite the fact that I know this isn’t fair to anybody because he made his decision. Every night, he calls the kids to speak with them. He tries to communicate with me, but I’ll admit that I’m not particularly friendly with him. I quickly hang up the phone, but I later regret not speaking with him. I delete his texts and emails.

He cheated but I still love him

He promises to make amends if I give him a chance. I’m furious with myself for missing him so much and even considering his offer. What should I do to get it to stop?

My husband cheated on me and I still love him

When a divorce occurs, people sometimes say things like, You just have to get over it, or come on! They have no idea how difficult it is to say, forget about him, all who care for us want us to be happy. They want us to move on and be happy again, but that isn’t easy, particularly after such a long marriage.

He cheated but I love him

To be honest, my husband and I did reconcile in the end. This occurred because, after much soul searching and therapy, I came to the honest realization that my life would be better with him in it than without him.



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