Why Does He Text Me Everyday If He Only Wants Friendship

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Why does he text me everyday if he only wants friendship, friend zone it’s one of the most misunderstood concepts in dating exactly what it is and what it actually means for you when it comes to you. It is possible and you owe it to yourself to find true happiness.

Most of your relationship is over text. Do they spend the majority of their time only texting or liking your posts? It might seem endearing at first, but eventually, the screen gets old.

You might initiate plans to hang out, whether it’s a casual or ordering takeout and watching a movie, or running errands together, but they always seem to come up with an excuse.

You’re not gonna want to miss, that will save your hours if not days or weeks or months even of your dating lives. You wait around for guys who aren’t into you or just sling along the friendzoned.

One of two things is going on in a guy’s mind when he asks you to be friends with him,

Here they genuinely think you’re cool and wants to keep hanging out with you but he just hasn’t felt that spark or that chemistry yet with you for him to escalate it into something more deep connection,

He just doesn’t have the heart to tell you that he doesn’t like you at all by asking you to be friends that in some way is gonna be more pleasant for you so after he asked you to be friends with him if he’s getting back to your texts pretty quickly he’s hanging out with you, he doesn’t just straight-up disappear on you.

You are sitting in a pretty sweet spot now maybe you hang out with him with a group of friends but just know that you’re still in his reach that’s great.

A myth about the friendzone or why does he text me every day if he only wants friendship,

Both men and women carry around, it’s exactly why the friendzone is so labelled, it’s not a bad place to be in this scenario why?

Because this can easily be converted to something more down the road once he sees your personal appearance or how awesome you are, things can change pretty quickly, you remember that saying, friends first it’s because the best relationships are born out of friendships.

Relationship chain is like first, you become friends than business partners after that lovers and then in a full-blown relationship next you think of marriage. In fact, if you embrace it right when he offers it to you he will appreciate the fact that you value friendship with him what guys like and you know that can be pretty powerful stuff when people see your value and your worth.

The second area it’s the scenario where he doesn’t really mean it, the friend zone doesn’t exist he’s just stringing you along and he’s just wasting your time in casual friendship.

So in this situation, this tip is gonna save your so much time with immature guys that are playing dumb and unresponsive here it is okay if you sense a guy is sling you along or giving you the bare minimum just put them on a one-week timeout.

It works like this if a guy is wavering with you in any way one week from that day you’re gonna send no more than three texts for that entire week, all geared towards hanging out as friends with him.

So now he’s on the clock he’s got one week to respond to you and actually, hang out with you if he doesn’t respond or hang out with you in that one week time frame he had no intention of being your friend and you shouldn’t waste a single second more on this guy.

Simple Advice For You — Researchers found that both men and women stare at their potential partner’s chest, back to waist areas for longer durations. Meanwhile, when people only see someone as a friend, they spend their time looking at that someone’s feet and legs.

Do they often try to set you up on blind dates or nudge you to talk to someone nearby?

So, as a good friend, they’ll try to help you with that department. what does it mean to be a friend?

It might annoy or irritate you, but consider it he only wants friendship, if he does the same with you so better be move on.

Why does he text me everyday if he only wants friendship coz they go to you with their relationship problems?

If you’re playing the role of a therapist, they trust you, but it doesn’t always mean they see you as a potential partner or a life partner. You can be the best advice giver, listener, and yes, even the most ideal partner, but unless they see it, you’re still ultimately just a friend to the whole they are texting and discussing their problems or queries, someone they can lean on temporarily.

Remember, They never hint that they like you. Ultimately, no matter how shy someone is, when they have feelings for you they’ll eventually show signs or flirt with you and confess. But if you’ve been friends with them for years now, and nothing has come to the surface, chances are they never saw you as more than just a friend.

They set boundaries, this one is important, but if you’re desperate for their attention you might think they’re just playing hard to get. This is not the case when someone sets boundaries coz love has no boundaries.

Be respectful of them not interfering. If they don’t feel comfortable spending time with you then don’t force them because the time you do that you’re only pushing them further away this could hurt you as well coz you have some love feelings for them.

Note — They prefer to hang out with you in a group setting. Do they ask to invite another friend when the two of you make plans? They might feel awkward when it’s just the two of you, but they probably don’t wanna hurt your feelings. Don’t get your hopes up if this is an ongoing behavior, maybe they just need to get some time to know you better. No matter how self-conscious someone is, if they’re into you, they would treat a date, as a date.

Deep down you know, but that hurts, so you put yourself in denial. Listen to your gut feeling, chances are they’re been trying to communicate since the very beginning. But love can make someone blind and hopeful.

Advice — Allow yourself to reflect on this moment, take a few deep breaths and if needed, create some distance between you and this person to allow your feelings to fade or if you’re feeling extra brave, just tell them how you feel.

You might get rejected, but the sooner you get an answer the faster you can move on. It’s not gonna happen overnight but eventually, someone new will walk into your life and you’ll forget all about the book of memories.

I hope it will provide you little awareness that why does he text me everyday if he only wants friendship by which you can make changes with him accordingly if you want. For any free Advice just comment at Games in Love.



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